How To Know You Get A Positive Massage Therapy?

How To Know You Get A Positive Massage Therapy?

Preparing for massage? According to blog, it is best not to eat for at least an hour before each massage. Before the massage itself, we should thoroughly shower with warm water. Women who have long hair should tie them up and need to put down chains, watches, rings and other jewelry. In case of allergy or hypersensitivity, it is necessary to say this before starting the massage with the masseur. And especially if you want to undergo an aroma massage where aromatic massage oils are used. It is also good to tell the masseur if you want it to focus specifically on a particular part of the body that he should pay close attention to.

Positive massage indications:

* They affect the skin and muscles, because by mechanical action on the muscle we reduce skin resistance and release heat energy. Hyperemia, or local blood circulation not only to the respective skin segment, but also to the muscles that are located in the massaged site. By massage, the flow of blood is accelerated and leads to the removal of harmful substances from the muscles and skin. This makes them more flexible and resilient than they were before.

* They affect the endocrine system in your body. After about twenty minutes of massage, there are a number of biochemical processes that respond to changes associated with capillary activity in massaged areas.

* They also affect the lymphatic system and, like histamine, dilute the blood. There will also be a dilution of the lymph. Slowly moving lymph causes easier, faster, longer and more frequent morbidity. Although fast lymph is weaker in the first about twenty minutes after the massage, but if we try to compare the massage to training or hardening, it is possible to permanently adjust the lymph for better activity.

* Massages affect muscle tension and pain. Muscle tone tends to be higher in congested muscle groups when we talk about so-called muscle tone. hypetonu. Such a muscle is preferentially applied to the larger movements and so worsens its condition. Overcoming a certain tolerance limit will lead to fatigue retention and the muscle will hurt you. Massage can reduce or even eliminate pain. Regular care for the muscle will make it impossible for us to repeat such a condition.

* Massages affect the passive musculoskeletal system. The massage works in close proximity to the entire range of joints, where some are massaged. By increasing the capillary flow, we will ensure greater joint prosperity. Thus, arthritic changes in the joints can also be mitigated or slowed down.


* Massages also affect our nervous system. Massage can be done in a calm or fast way. Quiet, calm massage is convenient wherever it is to remove fatigue, pain and muscle imbalance. For example, we will use an irritating or quick massage before a sport performance.

Last but not least, massage also has psychosocial effects. For the advice of the people, regular massage becomes part of life, not only for its beneficial somatic effect, but also for the psychic. The body needs to be relaxed, just as top athletes seek a massage for their rest, people employed by stereotyped work seek help as they suffer from overloading specific areas of their body and thus have back, neck, varicose veins, headaches, civilization diseases and other ailments.

Beware of contraindications:

* Massage is unsuitable for feverish, acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, or when it is suspected that such conditions may go.

* It is not recommended in cases of extreme fatigue or exhaustion, cancer. It is not recommended for bleeding disorders, advanced atherosclerosis, advanced osteoporosis, gallbladder disease and urinary tract disease.

* The massage is not suitable even in postoperative conditions in the abdominal and thoracic cavity or in varicose veins of the lower extremities.

* Classical massage is not suitable for patients with spinal disorders, especially cervical or hip. They had the convenience of classical massage to consult with a doctor.

During the massage, there is an increased tissue congestion in the massaged area, support for digestion and stimulation of metabolism. This allows for increased excretion of waste materials from the body. Massage also helps to remove accumulated sap in some organs. It ensures even blood flow to the body or massaged body while improving energy flow. If aromatic oil is used to massage it, it also affects the brain and the central nervous system and thus the mental state.

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