Factors To Consider While Planning A Commercial Building Construction Project

Planning a commercial building project like an office, restaurant, warehouse or a retail store is quite a challenging task. The expenses and efforts are huge. So the stakes are also high. Any inaccuracies or miscalculation in the planning may prove disastrous. Most people hire an experienced construction company engaged in the business of building commercial properties to minimize any such possibilities. A lot of factors are there that must be considered while planning a commercial building project.  Let’s have a look.
Cost estimation
Cost is the foremost thing to consider. The builder must have an accurate cost estimation of the entire project. A cost model is developed to serve the purpose, and then the budget should be divided into several small components. These components must be logical.  It must be possible to track these components in case any changes are made in the planning, designing or construction phase. Cost estimation is also necessary to facilitate the project managers in determining the scope of the project and then accordingly executing the task of budget allocation.  While estimating the project cost, timelines are closely linked to the same.
Building maintenance
While planning a commercial building construction project, cost estimation is not the sole factor that demands consideration. Maintenance is a primary factor that should be considered. For the same, it is essential to decide the building materials for construction.
For example, metals are best if less building maintenance is the priority, but today many prefer sustainable building materials such as bamboo, recycled steel, timber, stone, and so on to construct eco-friendly buildings. The trend is both for residential and commercial buildings.
Room for expansion
A commercial property once built is used for decades. So, as the business grows, it must have scope for expansion so that the building can have extra space for operational efficiency or to meet some specific requirements. There can be substantial growth in the number of employees working in commercial building after a decade or more. It is better to plan in a way that there remains ample scope for structural changes. It is best to hire an experienced designer to ensure the building has an optimal floor area.
Aesthetic appeal
Not every commercial property is built with aesthetics as a priority. However, most investors now demand commercial buildings that can meet their business requirements and at the same time does not look ugly. They must standout after the construction phase is over. The choices made to ensure good aesthetics should not be limited to materials, colours or some add-ons. A commercial building should be planned in a way that it can attract the right clients. Be it a restaurant, retail store, garage or office, it must allow plenty of natural light and have attractive landscaping without sacrificing the building performance and safety issues.
Contingency plan
Cost overruns are always a challenge for the construction industry. In spite of the best planning and design, cost overruns can happen while building a commercial property. So, while planning, one must consider the unexpected expenses due to various factors like a sudden rise in the cost of building materials, deadline delays due to bad weather, and so on. So, there must be a contingency plan.
It is best to hire a commercial building construction company that uses BIM (Business Information Modelling) to ensure there remains no room for errors or cost overruns. The focus is always on completing the construction successfully within the scheduled timeline. It is essential to remember that commercial property must give good returns on your investment, and this can happen only when the planning is executed brilliantly.

Oliver Crist is a skilled architect who is presently associated with a Millicent based construction company-Blackbird Industries, he writes blogs and articles on topics related to the construction industry and processes.
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