The Brave New World of Knowledge Empowerment
The Brave New World of Knowledge Empowerment

Education has been the single most liberating factor for the emancipation of people across the world. Barriers formed by class, religion and history , have given way to a world where opportunities are for all. Schools, colleges and universities however have not been able to keep pace with the growing numbers seeking education, particularly in countries where manpower development hinges more on academic training. A real revolution occurred quietly and broadened the vistas of learning like never before. This gigantic knowledge boom today feeds the sectors like technology, professional services, writing help on, finance, medicine and liberal arts. The post –modern era powered by the exciting use of the internet and multi- media empowers in turn all those unable to access education available through traditional formats and in limited numbers. Growing immensely in popularity and credibility online education offers advantages that are hard to ignore.

New Vistas of Knowledge
Beyond contention ,online education apart from offering the conventional degrees ,diplomas and certification courses in the traditional subjects such as computer programming, nursing, , liberal arts, languages and finance has raised the bar by including lesser known subject areas particularly skill based courses that builds employability. With students having the opportunity to attain even a Doctorate in a subject, online education allows you the vantage point to further all your academic ambitions.

Your Time ;Your Pace
The one reason that spells convenience to all seeking online education is the flexibility it allows in terms of time and place. Not having to attend lectures , all educational material may be downloaded which allows a student his own schedule and study pattern. Right from taking quizzes to an interface ,downloading assignments to reading notes ,online education is a boon for those working to fund their education. Eliminating the necessary alignment needed for face to face instruction opens up other learning and exploratory ventures for students .The cross-time zone learning done in small hourly bits or done all night when the need or the mood to study arises is the clincher in making e learning the option for many.

A Friendly Price Tag
The insurmountable obstacle for a student has always been in meeting the cost of education . From books, periodicals to tutorials, fee –fear made many change the goal of their lives. E learning has helped many reclaim their dream with its pocket friendly study module where the most up- to -date content is available at the most competitive price . No more wastage of hundreds of dollars on books that soon are declared redundant by the very same teacher who recommended it. Your knowledge can be reinforced along with the evolving study material which the online tutor can update from time to time.

Get It From The Experts
There are a few hubs of knowledge across the globe which are now panning out to be more inclusive . E learning creates an access to the best minds in the field. Most online institutions empanel specialists who not only guide but create and upgrade the study material to reach those who may not be learning from the gurus but enjoy the same advantage. This consistent delivery of material from the best minds in the business motivates a learner to perform better and provides profound confidence in dealing with the subject .Good e learning and knowledge management system in itself means that we are exposed to the latest findings and are not subject to a narrow line of opinions. Greater interaction and subject base analysis done online allow a hands-on experience that renders the course with a higher degree of credibility which helps attain greater expertise in the subject area.

A Vivid Understanding and Better Retention
The ability to tailor the study material to suit individual needs, gives the option to learners to create their unique customized method of learning. It in turn improves retention and allows greater control over the learning process, as compared to the typical instructional learning. The clever designing of the study material, multimedia facilities and assignments that allow greater research and independent reviewing, create a larger connect and involvement with the student thereby making the learning process more inclusive and result oriented without the unnecessary pressure and stress on performance.

A Plethora of Learning Tools
From simulations to demonstrations online, virtual tours to conferencing, online referencing to streamed videos and mentoring ,students are provided every possible support structure to ensure their comfort and schedule of learning .The use of mind-mapping software and other use assisting software can help those needing that little extra help.

Once Bitten, But Not Shy
Not everyone temperamentally is suited for interactions such as giving a presentation or having group discussion without breaking into a cold sweat. Many wish to escape these embarrassing situations where our smallest slip-up comes back to taunt us . With e learning you can make your mistake and not wallow in its horror but go back make a few more and try again till you succeed without the pressure of causing yourself any shame .The non-judgmental and unbiased feedback is succor for those who find it hard to get back on their feet. Above all the relaxed time frame is equally important to allow you to hone your skills before trying again. With the absence of an audience and no fear of failure most students get mentored to reach their goal with ease.

Ours is a world in which with countries and continents ,cultures and communities are shrinking into the virtual world created by the internet. From the most exclusive temples of learning to the most reclusive of communities , each has been bitten by the bug of online education. MIT and Yale have opened up numerous Distance Education Programs. Global corporate giants and upwardly mobile professionals are showing a preference for e learning while still on the job. Tomorrow’s world will see employees working on similar projects connected on what is being called as the ‘virtual office’. When expertise has got so diffused, it is now time to reckon with the reality of charging it with knowledge supply in keeping with the changing times.

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