Obama Yet to Decide On Military Strike Even As He Seeks Support From Congres

The U.S. president was interviewed by U.S. media and said that Washington concluded that Assad was responsible for chemical weapons used during the Civil War , and " that there should be international repercussions. " However , Obama is yet to issue an order for the military to strike Syrian military bases.

"We looked at all the evidence, and we do not believe that the Syrian opposition has used chemical or nuclear weapons ," said the U.S. president, who was interviewed by "PBS" .

"We concluded that the Syrian regime is responsible behind the attack . And if this is so, there will be international consequences, " he said.

Obama said he is thorough with the National Security Council of the United States discussions, and however, pointed out that " if we want to avoid the use of chemical weapons , it will send a loud and clear message to Assad , who used this weapon against women and children, to not use it in the future. " President Obama said he would not start a war whose end is unknown , and he added that military action will not solve the problems in Syria, and will end with the death of innocent civilians. "
Meanwhile , the speaker John A. Boehner sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to implement the plan of attack in Syria, and the opening for the approval of the House justifications.

The British government said it will wait for the reports of the UN inspectors , confirming the use of chemical weapons last week before a decision is made about the military attack. A spokesman for the British Prime Minister has confirmed that the Assad regime is behind these attacks. However, it is unlikely the British Government willbe involved in any military action as Prime Minister Cameron received a stinging defeat in the house of Commons against any military action in Syria.

It was also noted that the legislature voted on a proposal last Thursday against military action, but any military attack would require another vote in the House of Representatives.

" The Security Council should be the opportunity to immediately review the results of the investigation ," according to the British proposal . Russia has called for an end to the investigation of the allegations before discussing the various measures.

However, after the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations failed to agree on the way forward on the Syrian crisis , German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron said that if Assad's forces used chemical weapons, that "can not go unpunished ."

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