Sic bo; odds and payouts, and strategies

Like roulette, it is impossible to create a strategy in Sic-Bo like in poker or blackjack. The only thing you can do is try to maximze your odds and try to create a money management system that includes specifying your money placement on bets.

To maximize your odds you have to choose the bets with the best winning possiblity. Of course for the best winning odds youre choice will have to be the big and small bets. With this bet you have about a 50/50 chance of winning because you are predicting that the totals will be anything from 4-10 or 11-17. this bet is your best choice for actually winning money.

The next bet with the best chance of winning, with a house edge of only 9.72%, is the "total bet" in which the total of the 3 dice will be 7 or 14. I know what youre thinking; the single bet has a house edge of 7.9% but the payout is only 1:1 which is the same as the small and big bets so there really is not a reason to bet using the single bet. There is a chance that 2 of the 3 die will land on the same number, but the odds of that is more unlikely and you are better off betting on the pair and getting the payoff of 8:1. The total bet of 7 or 14 is the only other good bet; despite the fact that is is not easy to get, it does offer a very good payoff of 12:1.

There is no reason when betting on a total of the 3 die to every have to choose a total of 9 or 12 because the house edge is 18.9% and the payout is 6:1. If you bet on the total of the die being 10 or 11, the house edge is lower(12.5%) BUT THE PAYOUT IS THE SAME. So unless you know that those dice will total 9 or 12 it is suggested to stay away from that bet. Of course house edge really can't predict the outcome of games with house edge, it can give a minor prediction in a statistical form.

Any other bet in this game is a bet that has to be made only if you feel like rinking your money. Each other bet offers a higher payout for the higher risk. If you want to "win big" then you will want to bet on the bets with more risk. These are almost impossible to win and are not suggsted, especially if you want to win.

Now on to money management. This is the most important part of any gambling game. The management system recomended that you can use is very simple to understand. Basically you have to go in to the game with a certain amount of money and leave when its all gone. You also have to leave when you have won a certain amount. If you do manage win 50%-100% more money then you could play with the winnings. this way you will lose nothing but this could lead to losing all your winnings so it is recomended to play with half of your winnings. This way, not only do you keep your initial investment, you also keep some extra. In addition to knowing how much money you are spending, you must also know where your going to bet. It is important to be consistant with your bets. Many agree that being consistant in a game with no real playing strategy is very important. So when you go in know when you will play low-risk bets with little return and specify the point when you will place those high risk bets with the return that will hold you over for the net year.

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