5 Reasons Smart Buildings Demand BIM
5 Reasons Smart Buildings Demand BIM

Major countries across the world are shifting their focus towards the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for the construction of smart cities. One of the dominant features of such cities is smart building which has the capacity to automate processes for controlling its overall operation. Some of these processes are air-conditioning, lighting, heating, security, fire protection and more. In a smart building, these systems can converse with each other with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.  Now, if you are wondering about the need for BIM when IoT is playing a role in smart building construction, let's dig deeper.
Preconstruction visualization
The technology enables those involved in the planning and designing phase to visualize the entire building even before the beginning of the actual construction process. One of the biggest benefits of preconstruction visualization is that the owner of the building and all the key people associated with the building project can have a 3D view of the building. As BIM is not about creating a 3D model but has its focus on data, the preconstruction visualization helps in better project analysis.
Design integration
In smart buildings, performance and efficiency are driven by data. On the other hand, one of the biggest boons of BIM is successful data integration. The revolutionary technology enables easy access of the digital file of the building to architects, designers, engineers, builders as well as the owner which means any changes or updates are clearly visible to all of them and all will remain on the same page during the entire project lifecycle.
Risk Mitigation
In smart buildings, detection of errors in the design after the successful completion of the construction stage means high risks. Use of BIM in smart buildings eliminates any chances of such risks. Here any error in the design, planning or in any other aspect of the building is detected before the commencement of the construction process.
Data Integration
All stakeholders of a building project can access the data from the digital platform of BIM. As smart buildings have integrated data for a connected process via IoT, the data integration facility offered by BIM makes it indispensable for smart building projects. Data integration also facilitates an environment of increased collaboration between the owner and all the stakeholders of the building project such as architect, engineer, contractor, site manager, and so on.
Cost Estimation
Estimators typically spend a lot of time on preparing the cost estimates of buildings by either digitizing the paper drawings of the architect or by importing their CAD drawings. This leaves a lot of room for human errors but when BIM is used, all the measurements essential to estimate the cost can be taken directly from the 3D model. Also, any changes in the design or construction phase get automatically updated to these estimators which, in turn, help them to make changes in their estimation accordingly.
Adoption of BIM needs huge initial investments, but just like computer-aided design (CAD) becomes a fixture in building construction, BIM will be soon become an integral feature of smart buildings. There are now construction companies across the globe that implements BIM technology for streamlining the entire process. As per a recently published report by MarketsandMarkets, the market for BIM is expected to register a remarkable compound annual growth rate OF 16.51% by 2022.
So, indeed the future of BIM is bright. The technology is apt to build smart buildings that can make smart cities to ensure a better lifestyle. Amidst the fast degradation of the environment, there is an urgent need for buildings that can be energy efficient and supports sustainability, and BIM technology makes this easier to achieve.

Oliver Crist is a skilled architect who is presently associated with a Millicent based construction company-Blackbird Industries, he writes blogs and articles on topics related to the construction industry and processes.
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