4 Worst Myths about IUD Coil Contraceptive You Should Ignore
4 Worst Myths about IUD Coil Contraceptive You Should Ignore

Contraceptive or birth-control technology has undergone revolutionary changes. IUD or intrauterine device is one of the latest birth-control measures that people are talking about. However, a gyanecologist in London points out the IUD is not that new. It was invented times back but unfortunately the earlier versions had some complications because of which, they were taken off the market.   

In course of time, those defects were corrected and now it is one of the most popular contraceptive techniques according to the gynaecologist.

However, a tiny section of the society is yet to find their confidence in this effective birth-control device. In order to help them see the light, it’s high time to bust certain myths related to IUDs. Let’s discuss the myths and get through to the truth in the following paragraphs.

IUDs make you suffer from infertility and infections: This misconception is totally contrasting to factual information. The WHO (World Health Organisation) conducted a world-wide research covering hundreds of thousands of women. This study shows women, who use IUD are not more prone to infertility nor pelvic infection compared to women, who never used IUD.  

IUD is ideal for older women with kids: An IUD device stays effective anywhere between 3 and 6 years, while the non-hormonal variety easily lasts 10 to 12 years. Although you can take it out any time you want to. Make sure that IUD removal is only done by a trained pair of hands. The moment it is taken out your body, you can get normally pregnant again. Till now there’s no factual data to conclude that IUD is better for older women than younger ones. The studies rather show it is equally suitable for everyone, irrespective of age or even marital status.

IUD contraception is painful: IUD insertion involves varying degrees of pain for different individuals. It is difficult to predict in advance how much pain will you feel. A skilled and technically pair of hands at a reliable clinic can obviously take necessary measures to minimise your pain and inconvenience. Women, who are already mothers, will hardly feel any pain while IUD insertion. On the other hand, women having history of strong periods are likely to suffer from cramps during the procedure.  

IUD gets in the way of you and your partner’s pleasure: The top of the uterus is called fundus and the IUD is placed right there. As a result it stays totally inaccessible to your partner. Plastic strings stay attached to the device to ensure it remains secured at the right position. The strings run through the cervix and reach your vagina. Average length of vagina is 6 inches and the cervix is located at the top of the vagina. The strings are too soft that hardly you or your partner notices them ever while having it off. In case your partner ever says anything, you can ask your IUD provider to place the strings properly so that they don’t stick out of the uterus any more.

Dr. Hikmat Naoum is a renowned doctor associated with a reliable private IUD coil fitting clinic in London. Based on his years of experience, he assures IUD coil is not only one of the best but also one of the safest and most reliable contraception devices you can have.

The doctor is associated with the Gynaecology Clinic located on Harley Street in Marylebone and is available on prior appointment.

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