Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

As important as WordPress is for powering your website,  it needs to be hosted on a server to go live for the public. Without a hosting server, your WordPress site is as good as non-existent things. 

But how do you choose a web host that delivers performance?

Well, there are two types of hosting services you can choose from; shared and managed hosting services. Among the two, the latter, managed WordPress hosting, is the safest and the most efficient way to get your WordPress website hosted. 

In this article, I’ll highlight the reasons why you should choose managed hosting over conventional hosting for your WordPress powered website. But first, let’s look at the main differences between shared and managed hosting. 

Shared Hosting

Who likes sharing the good stuff when it comes to website resources? No one. This is the main gripe with shared hosting; the resources are shared which results in mediocre performing websites, and if the server is affected by a bug or error, all the websites sharing the host suffer. 

Shared hosting is considered obsolete, cheap, and looked down upon in the WordPress world you are serious about maintaining your presence online. However, it’s cheap, so it’s great for beginners who don’t want to shell out too much in the beginning! 

The cheap price comes with a compromise in service, though, so it ends with your WordPress website being constantly at risk.  

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting, like Cloudways, is the modern way of hosting your WordPress website and where website flourishes to the max. Managed hosting makes your website load faster, makes it more secure, reliable, and backs it up with all the tools you would need to maintain your website. 

For starters, managed hosting services actually manages your hosting so you don’t have to deal with the technicalities. You are also more secure with managed hosting since most managed hosting services prioritize security, and that’s a feature that’s missing from shared hosting. 

Since you aren’t sharing your resources with anyone, your website isn’t at any kind of risks that come associated with shared hosting. 

However, the reasons why you should opt for Managed WordPress hosting don’t end here and now that we have established the primary differences between shared and managed hosting, let’s dive into the main reasons why you should choose Managed WordPress Hosting over shared hosting. 


The first thing to consider is the speed of your website. A slow and laggy website is not good for you or for your users. Managed hosting service helps you overcome the issue of a slow website. 

Managed hosting services help support your website with standalone servers for your website. With no resources being shared with any other website, you have all the resources to yourself and the speed you need for your WordPress powered website to perform at its best. 

Did you know fast websites have better chances of converting users? That’s not all, they rank better in Google’s search results as well. With managed hosting services, there are zero things to worry about performance. 

Another benefit you get with managed hosting services is that you get better caching. Since managed hosting services are optimized for WordPress, they are designed to make sure your site doesn’t suffer from caching issues by incorporating the best practices for optimized performance. 

The result? Your WordPress website performs better, is more reliable, and more stable. And to give you a glimpse of why faster loading websites perform better here’s an image that’ll tell you why: 

Superior Security

W3 Techs claims that a staggering 73.2% of all popular WordPress installations are susceptible to vulnerabilities. 

To understand this further, take a look at the graph below:


The image proves that WordPress is prone to security issues, either through infected/defective themes, faulty plugins, or some other security loopholes found within the popular content management system. 

Managed WordPress hosting services rely heavily on providing state of the art security protocols that are updated regularly to combat incoming attacks. That not only means better performance but better and more diverse security options to help keep your WordPress website safe from malicious attacks and security issues. 

What's more is that even if your WordPress website comes under attack, managed hosting services would do the work for you in recovering it. 

Superior Support

Having a WordPress website means you and everyone else who runs one needs individual support. With shared hosting platforms, you don’t receive priority support that you need. 

Managed hosting platforms offer the best of support solutions. This means that whenever you’re stuck, you have experts available 24x7 to help you out of sticky situations. 

Managed hosting platforms not only employ but also make sure that their experts are well versed in a way to help solve issues in a more disciplined and prompt manner, so you will not be waiting in line for hours and days for support as compared to shared hosting services. 

Scheduled & Automated Backups 

Backups are an absolute necessity for WordPress websites. So wouldn’t it be great to create backups automatically or do them manually in a few clicks?

This is where managed WordPress hosting services make a huge statement. You are just a few clicks away from scheduling automatic backups without worrying about doing it yourself. Most managed hosting services offer this cool feature. 

Some managed hosting services go a step further, though. They go the extra mile by not only backing up your WordPress website but make entire server backups to an off-site location of your choice so you can always revert to the last good working version whenever you think it's necessary. 

They will even help you make a complete recovery in case your WordPress website is compromised, which rarely happens. Managed WordPress hosting will also help keep your WordPress version up to date so backups are more reliable and stable and if issues occur while loading, your managed hosting will keep you updated. 


Instant Scalability

As your site grows, so does the traffic and the load on your server. With shared resources, your site will crash and conversions will be compromised. This, however, is not the case with managed hosting platforms. Managed hosting platforms give you the option to scale your server based on your requirements and you can do so in a few clicks and without any technical knowledge.

Scalability is where all the hard work you put into your WordPress website will pay off and do you really want to compromise on that? Of course, not. 

While Managed hosting platforms will scale your server according to your requirements, some managed hosting platforms like Cloudways give you the choice to scale your server the way you want. 

The result? No more server slowdowns, fewer WordPress errors to report, more opportunities for conversions and more traffic. All of which equates to the online success of your WordPress website. 

Wrapping up

Are you really considering shared hosting for your WordPress website? There are ample concrete reasons mentioned why you should choose managed WordPress hosting. There are lots of managed hosting services available, but few are better than the rest. 

Whatever requirements you have for your WordPress website, it is best that you choose a managed hosting platform that not only helps keep your WordPress website safe and secure but also makes it reliable, stable and gives you the opportunity to scale it. 

We all want our efforts to be rewarded, and managed WordPress hosting is the only way to know you get what you paid for. With that said, I believe I have convinced you to opt for managed WordPress hosting as compared to shared hosting. 

Have opinions? I would love to hear from you in the comments box below. 


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