Western Culture should Dominate Globalized World
Western Culture should Dominate Globalized World

Globalization refers to the process where technologies, cultures, and businesses are spread all over the world. The majority of studies in globalization focus on the political and the economic sphere. Issues such as the elimination of factors that hinder cross-border trade and promotion of international agreements are the norm under globalization. The dramatic changes in the political and economic development that globalization brings force the policy makers to focus on another aspect of globalization, which is cultural globalization. Cultural globalization refers to the transmission of philosophies and ideas to other parts of the world through the agents of globalization. Western countries such as United States, the United Kingdom, and France have managed to transmit some of their cultures to other parts of the world. France and the United Kingdom have achieved this through colonization. The United States, on the other hand, has used trade and the media to bring influence of culture to other parts of the world. This paper examines the concept of cultural globalization, and it argues that western cultures should influence and dominate other cultures in the globalized world.

Democracy and liberalization are the example of the Western cultural practice that should dominate the globalized world. Democracy is a style of governance where the majority is allowed to rule. It involves electing leaders through a popular electoral process. Liberalization, on the other hand, refers to the relaxation of rules that govern people within society. Democracy and liberalization are important cultural practices of the Western world that countries around the world should implement. In the 1990s, the World Bank and IMF introduced structural adjustment policies that required any country to democratize its political system and liberalize its economy before accessing aid and loans. A democratic style of governance will promote political stability and harmony within society. Countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and France are democratic ones, which brings political stability there. It is very difficult to hear in the media about a civil war in the United States or France, or any other democratic state because the will of people regarding democratic governance is respected. Countries that do not practice a democratic style of governance are politically unstable and poor. Examples of these countries include Libya, Somalia, Chad, and Uganda. Therefore, the principles of democracy and liberalization should influence the world political systems and styles of governance.

Despite the importance of democracy and liberalization in promoting political stability, undemocratic states are also politically stable. Countries such as China and Iran are politically stable despite the existence of the undemocratic rule there. China operates a one-party state, with all political affairs conducted under the Socialist Party. No other party is allowed to operate in China because the Socialist Party is the state, and the army belongs to the party and not the state. The Chinese media is under regulation and control by the government, making it difficult for any information that is against the government to come out. People are not allowed to express themselves freely through the social media. It is an indication that China is a closed society, operating under tyrannical rule. Despite operating under tyrannical rule, China is one of the richest countries in the world. Its economy is second to the United States. The economy of China grows at a first rate at 7.7% annually.

It is a misplaced idea that only democratic and liberalized countries are politically unstable and rich. He further gives an example of Iran under the leadership of the Ayatollahs and Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein. Iran under the Ayatollahs is stable politically, despite the inexistence of freedoms related to the expression of speech and religion. Under the reign of Saddam Hussein, Iraq was one of the richest countries in Asia even despite his tyrannical and oppressive rule. In fact, Iraq is now one of the unsafe places to stay because of the civil war going on in the country. The introduction of democracy failed to politically stabilize the state and improve the economic and social lives of its citizens. It is based on the above-mentioned facts that the introduction of democracy and liberalization is not the only factor that determines the political stability of a particular state and its economic growth.

It is a wrong assertion that that undemocratic states like China and Iran experience economic and political stability. Most people in China are poor and they live below the poverty level. For example, in 2009, 67% of the Chinese people lived on less than 5 dollars per day. There is also an increase in income inequality because of the introduction of the market economy. Furthermore, it is difficult for the poor to access high-quality education and health services. On the contrary, the Western countries have an elaborate social system in place that caters for the welfare of the poor and less privileged. The economic gap existing between the rich people and the poor people is also low there. It is low because of the harmonization of salaries and the existence of equal opportunities for people to pursue their careers. Democracy and liberalization are not the only Western cultural practices that should dominate the globalized world. Other practices are the Western languages such as English, French, and Spanish.

English, French, and Spanish are languages that are dominant and spoken by more than 2 billion people on the planet. People from France, Spain, and England were colonialists, and they managed to colonize more than half of the countries on the planet. Therefore, languages they speak are now popular in their former colonies. The globalized world should use these languages for purposes of carrying out international trade. For example, the English language is spoken in East Africa and other parts of Africa, in the United States and the United Kingdom. Using this language can easily promote trade in these regions because of the ease with which trading parties will communicate with one another. The United Nations recognizes Spanish, English, and French as working languages, symbolizing their importance in the globalized world. Under globalization, unity in the method of communication will determine whether globalization becomes a success or not. It is only if people can understand one another that they can conduct trade and engage in other international agreements. China recognizes this fact, and it has sought to promote its language through Confucius colleges in the leading universities of the world. The Confucius colleges teach the Chinese languages to any student interested in learning it. China believes that if a large number of people are able to speak its language, then it will achieve cultural dominance in the globalized world.

Promoting the French, English and Spanish languages at the expense of other languages is not good because it will destroy these other languages, giving them a minor role in the lives of people. There are some important cultural values and practices people should preserve. Language is one of them. Furthermore, there are other dominant languages spoken in the world, and these include Arabic and Chinese. Therefore, advocating for the French, English and Spanish languages based on their popularity is not a proper argument in support of the integration of these languages in the globalized world.

In responding to these assertions, promoting French, Spanish and English does not mean that other languages will cease to exist. People will speak these languages at the international level while interacting for purposes of carrying out trade and signing international agreements. Language is an important cultural practice, and people should decide on what language they need to speak. Therefore, the domination of Spanish, French and English does not mean that indigenous languages will cease to exist. These three languages will only act as a way of uniting people to pursue a common goal at the international level.

Summing up the above-said, one should conclude that the Western democratic principles and languages should dominate the globalized world. Democracy is a Western cultural practice, and it involves electing a government based on a popular election. A democratic system of governance leads to political stability and prosperity of the nation that practices such a system. This is the reason why countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and France have leading economies and they are politically stable. Without a democratic style of governance, political leaders will become tyrannical. They will limit the liberties of their citizens because of the fear of criticism. Countries such as China and Iran fall under this category. The use of the French, Spanish, and English languages at the international level is also desirable. Spain, France, and England colonized a large percentage of countries in the world; therefore, many people speak their languages. This makes it easy to engage in international trade by the use of these languages. People should only use these languages at the international level for purpose of protecting local languages from extinction.

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