Canada Immigration Process- What’s New with Quebec Immigration?

Quebec is an excellent option for anyone who is interested in immigration to Canada. Quebec is a predominantly French speaking province in central Canada. Though the main language of communication is French it need not be a barrier for immigration as many people also speak English. The province of Quebec has a strong economy and has launched a number of immigration programs that are designed to help new immigrants.

Quebec Immigration Differs From Canada Immigration Process

The immigration criterion for Quebec is slightly different from that of Canada immigration process. Once an immigrant has successfully managed to meet the criteria for immigration in Quebec, he can enter the province and live a life with a higher standard of living than many other provinces in Canada itself.

There is no age restriction for immigration to Quebec, which can be an advantage for candidates who are above 45 years of age and are looking to immigrate to Canada for a better life. Applicants who can speak English and French do have an advantage over others, but not knowing French is not a criteria for elimination.

The following benefits can be enjoyed by immigrants who opt to settle in Quebec

  1. Immigrants who live in Quebec can get to enjoy excellent infrastructure facilities and are served by an efficient public transportation. System
  2. Just like immigrants who settle in other parts of Canada, immigrants in Quebec enjoy highly subsidized rates for health care
  3. The education for children of immigrant’s upto the university level is free for immigrants who opt to settle in Quebec, making it an ideal place to raise a family. What’s more, anyone who is a legal resident of the province can get a subsidized or preferential fee at the university level as well
  4. The province has a multi-cultural environment and a vibrant society
  5. Immigrants who settle in the province have a Canadian passport, which provides them the right to travel to many countries visa-free
  6. There are a wide range of job opportunities for new migrants to the province and they can get assistance from the government and various other agencies to develop professionally as well as personally
  7. Employees in Quebec can enjoy multiple benefits such as maternity leave, insurance policy, paid leave etc. which allows them to have an ideal work-life balance. Candidates for the Skilled Worker Program, who receive an invitation to apply for a Selection Certificate will now only have 60 calendar days to file a complete application, the province’s government announced June 26. 

New Rule Regarding Quebec Immigration Process

The provincial government has announced a few new policy changes with respect to the immigration process for Quebec. It has stated that the application deadline to apply for a Quebec selection certificate would be cut short to 30 days from the previous duration of 90 days.

This reduction is similar to the one that was introduced by the government of Canada for the federally managed Canada Express Entry System, which is an economic based immigration program for obtaining PR to live in Canada. Apart from reducing the time for application for the selection certificate, the government of Quebec also made a three other significant changes to its immigration policy.

  1. The government of Quebec announced that Expressions of Interest (EOIs) which are currently in its bank of candidates for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program‘s will continue remain valid for an additional period of six months.
  2. Expression of Interest of those applicants who refuse an ITA for a Selection Certificate will remain in the bank for the period of validity should they change their mind.
  3. The government of Quebec is planning to shift its policies towards a merit based system of immigration and plans to introduce a Quebec values test that would require immigration aspirants to pass certain criteria in order to obtain permanent residency.
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