The Importance of a Retaining Wall
The Importance of a Retaining Wall

There is no doubting the effect that landscaping can have on our properties – whether it’s simply mowing and weeding, or a complete reinvention of the entire backyard. If you’ve got a sloped property, you may be considering how much you can actually achieve, and the more sloped your yard, the more you may feel as though your options are limited. However, with the inclusion of a carefully designed retaining wall, your entire property can be utilised in a way you never imagined. If you’re wondering why these walls are so important, and how they can be so influential on the appearance of your home, then you’ve come to the right place.

• Hold Back Soil
The primary use of a retaining wall is to hold back soil, creating a more level backyard in the form of ‘steps’. Whether you’ve fallen in love with the stunning views of your property or there was simply a shortage of land so you’ve purchased a sloping block, these walls can be used to hold soil back from falling onto the house once the hillside has been dugout and is ready for building. The steeper the hill and the more earth that has been displaced, the more important this becomes! You may even choose to build the walls prior to the house itself!

• Providing More Usable Land

If you own an established house on a sloped block, then you should consider a retaining wall or two to flatting the yard and provide you with a series of level areas to enjoy. Whether you want to lay down a patio, provide children with a place to play, or even build a pool, then levelling out your property should be high on your list! After all, depending on the slope, you may even be struggling to simple mow the lawn.

• Prevent Eroding
Holding back soil isn’t only critical for areas that have been manually displaced, but also for properties where nature is working against you! If your home receives higher than average rainfall or you live close to a lake, river or even the ocean, then you may notice that parts of your property are simply slipping away – and this can be exacerbated if you already live on a slope. A retaining wall can keep the soil exactly where it should be, and prevent costly and potentially irreparable damage to the foundations of your home.

• Adding Function

Retaining walls aren’t only important for reshaping your backyard, they can add incredible function too! Consider adding the following features for your yard for maximum impact:
o Furniture can be built into the top of the wall by adding a timber slab or cushions, which can be a great choice if you’re strapped for space.
o Use a smaller version of your new walls as garden edging, creating a cohesive finish across your property.
o These walls are a great choice for supporting driveways, especially if you’ve built the driveway up onto a sloped section of your property.

As you can see, a retaining wall can reinvent the way you use your property, allowing you to flatten slopes, support driveways, separate vegetable gardens, and even provide inbuilt furniture for your family to enjoy! However, it’s important that you use quality materials and an experienced building company, as this will ensure your walls will stand the test of time. We also recommend liaising with your local council prior to building any structure, as there are often requirements that must be met to ensure your safety. By partnering with a professional company, they may liaise with the council on your behalf.

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