Common Mistakes Made By the First Time Fliers
Common Mistakes Made By the First Time Fliers

Common Mistakes Made By the First Time Fliers

Finally you have booked your first flight tickets and so congratulations. But do you realize that this is not the end of your tensions? Well, I would like to rephrase the previous question. Do you realize that you have a lot more responsibilities to take care of? Well this is where most of us tend to make mistakes while we are in the group of first time fliers. Being a first time flier, I personally made a lot of mistakes and that is why I am here writing down these little useful tips for all of you because I want you all to have a smooth trip. So how to get over the fear of flying and not make the silly mistakes that we all end up making as first time fliers? Let us know about them!

1.      PANICKING:

So this one is the first and the foremost thing that you should NOT do because panicking is not the solution. You must have been excited when you finally booked your first flight ticket and that means panicking shouldn’t be the solution at all. That actually leads to a lot of other problems like forgetting to pack something important at the right moment or slipping some important documents or even falling sick due to extreme nervousness. I understand that fear of flying is common and if you are flying for the first time, what to expect and what not should freak you out a little but that is quite common. So make sure to tick this thing off your brain because it doesn’t really help!


This could lead you to a real problem if you are picky kind of a person. Seats are to be chosen as per our requirements and you can only do that when you book your flight tickets early. If you blindly go for any kind of a seat and then realize that you are not comfortable, then that cannot be changed later. You need to be specific as to what kind of a place and seat you want and book your tickets accordingly. Forgetting to book a specific seat while planning your flight journey can be a blunder.


You should know more about the baggage information and the weight that is allowed to carry in the flights. You cannot blindly pack everything and throw it on board with you because that is not allowed. Make sure to carry inly what is needed and also do a little research on what is allowed and what is not allowed on a plane. You can pack accordingly so that they don’t throw your items into the trash when your baggage goes through the security check in. So pack smart. The other important thing you need to know that you wouldn’t want to carry around so much of unwanted luggage that you packed without having any idea as to why you packed them.


Currency exchange is a must and we all must not forget to do it before we enter a new country. Imagine getting lucky by booking cheap international flight tickets and then you forget to exchange your currencies to the local currencies of the new territory that you will be entering. Now that would be troublesome. But if you exchange too much money that also will be troublesome because you might either misplace them or lose them or even lose the count. It would be difficult to keep up. So make sure to carry your international cards and keep the currencies short in hand.


Travel insurances can help you benefit a lot and they are like a boon while traveling. You have a lot of scope to get back your lost items and then get clearances for health insurances if you apply for travel insurance. So one of the mistakes that you might make while having the first time travel experience is to not have a travel insurance which can cost you a lot.


This could be a golden rule in the rule book of tips for the first time fliers. You should be well aware of the place that you are going to and the flight that you have booked. Know about everything possible about the airport, flights, place that you are going to and the things that are famous there. This will not only help you have a clarity but also save a lot of time of yours that you might end up spending getting confused.  So do a proper research on everything possible so that you have any issue with your journey and have a smooth trip.

So these were some of the tips to know how to get over the fear of flying and other silly mistakes that we all tend to make if we are flying for the first time. Do not forget to like and share this article if you find it useful and let us know in the comment section below if you have anything to talk about it. 

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