How to View Private Instagram Profiles without following any survey?

The users of Instagram are growing rapidly. As the growth of users has reached its hike, the demand for the new Instagram features has also increased. Many people are curious to view private Instagram profiles without following any survey for various reasons. Living in the era of social media is not so easy; we have to live active and alert all the time. Here are some tips on how to view private Instagram profiles without following any survey.

A Brief Introduction to Instagram

 Instagram is a blend of two words: instant camera and telegram. It secures the privacy of individual users. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom established Instagram in 2010. It is the app of Facebook, which is available in more than thirty-three languages. It also co-operates with Twitter. 

Instagram offers you facility of sharing photos and videos with friends and family members around the world. It has many features that assist people to boost up their brands and business on social media. Still, people use Instagram photo downloader to save photos and videos from the app. Instagram is a free app for iOS, Windows phone, and Android set. 

The Function of Private Profiles on Instagram

If your account is publicly visible, then everyone will be able to see your photos, videos and other content you upload on your account. Everyone can get access to your profile without any kind of hindrance. But the function of private profiles on Instagram is different. When users set privacy on their accounts, then only his/her friends can view the profile.

Only added members on your profile can visit your account. And the public is banned from seeing and downloading your pictures from your profile. Other people can only see the user’s name and the image displayed on the private profile of Instagram. 

Unfamiliar users are banned from seeing your profile. If they strive to visit your profile, they will see a message, “This account is private.”

Method to View Private Instagram Accounts in 2019

 For viewing private Instagram account is not so easy; it is a little bit twisting acts. Although Instagram does not allow any private account visible publicly, yet there are some tricky ways to view a private profile without following any survey. It takes a lot of time and effort, but one can see a private account successfully. A user of Instagram can make a private account unsaved.

But you need to become careful as many sites ask from you to give your password for viewing a private Instagram account. You must avoid sharing your password to anyone.

Hashtags Help You to View Private Instagram Profiles

Yes, when you post your photos or videos and place hashtags, your photos can be seen by the people, even if your profile is set to private. Of course, discovering someone by a hashtag is a tiresome and time-consuming method, because the search is constant and is photo by photo.

If this user whose photos you want to view does not get many likes, you will find it hard to discover his post through the tagging method. On the other hand, you should know the choices to know what hashtag to look for, as well as understanding that the feed is continuously refreshed so that the photo you are looking for can easily “get lost” in the content of users who have posted more lately.

The Easiest Way to View a Private Profile Is To Follow It

As I have noticed many times, starting to follow a user is often enough for them to approve my profile in just a concise duration, they also usually follow me back, and I could see all of their photos. They trusted me even though I didn’t know them; because they just wanted to get that one more follower.

So this would be the first step, you would have to take to see a private Instagram account.

Does the user whose secret profile you want to view not want you to see his or her photos? Then possibly you should think about valuing their preference, but if you don’t want to do that, there are still some possibilities left for you.

If you are curious to know something more about it, you should do:

Try asking a common contact to show you their profile

Try to form a fake profile and start following this user, if he finds your profile attractive (you could create it, taking into account his likings), he will certainly accept your follow request. Building a profile is not hard, just time-consuming; you have to make sure to post some real-looking photos, don’t publish your real details and get some other people to accompany you before you decide to follow your target.

If you follow them on Facebook or Twitter and they share their Instagram publications there, you could see them by these other social networks (you may be able to locate the posts they share, but not their Instagram profile, so access given by this method will be restricted to what this person is agreeable to share outside Instagram).

How to Use the Private Instagram Viewer?

Finally, this is the best way to use a private Instagram viewer. Use a mobile app, or web app, that has a characteristic, which would allow you to view any private Instagram profile that you choose, for instance, images and videos on the whole platform. Keep in mind, a majority of tools do not function, but some of them offer services. Here I am mentioning accessing tools.

Accessing Tools

This is a web app that functions in your internet browser. What you have to do is enter the username of your target, nothing else and wait for the unique URL to be created for you, click on it, and you have finished. You will succeed to use this method to see any private Instagram account.

There are some other apps, but we are not sure about them whether they function or not.

Privacy and Safety Concerns Regarding the Apps Mentioned Above

Don’t worry about the privacy and safety of your account when you view someone’s private Instagram. For the protection of your security, you should use only reputable apps. These reputable apps have some specific characteristics:

  1. They do not force you to install dangerous files that contain malware or other malicious software
  2. They do not ask for your password
  3. They do not ask you to login with your Instagram account (if they did it would raise sues)

You do not have to download these tools because they work online, so there is no risk of your device getting affected by any malware. The second point is rather simple; you should never enter your Instagram password on any website that isn’t the genuine page. The targets profile username is more than sufficient to look at their private Instagram profile.

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