Cross Platform App Development And Its 6 Easy Best Practices

You aren’t pretty sure if your app is working on all the platforms or not. If that’s true, then it is high time for you to switch directly to the cross platform app development process. 

Provided the present mobile device market, users now require high-quality and smooth running apps on the three major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

However, building and designing apps across these different platforms can lead to a sea of challenges. Cross platform app development ensures that your app delivers outstanding performance with great user experience and seamless functionality in all three platforms.

Being an entrepreneur, it is your job to satisfy your users with a flawlessly working app. You will never want your users to have a bitter experience while using your app. That is the reason why you should prepare your mobile app for multi-platforms. 

Benefits of cross platform app development are numerous and owing to such beneficial features, the developers are making the best use of it. It is helping them to build the code once and push it across all the platforms. 

Other benefits include cost control, reuse of codes, easier implementation, faster app development, uniformity, and others. 

For working well, the cross platform applications should conform to specific guidelines. Just because they are cost-effective and comes with myriad benefits than the native apps, doesn't mean you will sit back and relax. There are few best practices which you need to follow while developing your cross platform mobile app. 


Check Out The 5 Best Practices For Cross Platform App Development:


  1. Select The Best Development Technologies

Every single platform has its own SDK (Software Development Kit) and native language, which is one of the main challenges that the developers face while developing a cross platform mobile app. 

It has been found that by making use of SDK and native language in each platform offers significant benefits in supporting the complete functionality of the platform.

This process improvises the overall gestures of the navigation system by enhancing the look and feel of each operating system. 

When you go for developing your apps natively, you are ensuring that your app is meeting the expectation of the users. 

2. Document The Entire App Building Process

While you are building a cross platform mobile app, ensure that you are documenting the entire process. 

 You must have clean and detailed documentation of the entire app building process. This will even boost your app build in the succeeding platforms. 


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3. Focus On Defining The User Experience

Users of each platform expect that the apps they are using are similar to the other applications in their smartphones. 

Customize your app in such a manner so that the users are able to interact with them. With better application personality, your users will feel the unique values offered by your apps. Your app must have features like better color theme, and smoother user flows in different platforms.

 This will ensure that even if the user is switching to some other platform, they can use your app smoothly. 

4. Choose The Best Cross Platform App Development Tools

Before jumping into the cross platform app development process, learn more about the tools. Although this process is a bit time-consuming, having a sound knowledge about the cross platform app development tools is useful. 

After you are done with researching the best tool, that matches your project requirement, you are ready to begin. 

Apart from that, you must also ensure that the tool is able to offer you complete support that is highly needed in the mobile app development lifecycle.

5. Make Use Of The Pre-built Components

Making use of the pre-tested components and reliable code can help you to save a lot. 

If you plug in any of these modules into the mobile app development project, it can decrease the production time and enhance the quality and performance of the app- only if you opt for the right ones. 

6. Test Every Platform

While you are in the process of cross platform app development, it is necessary for you to test all the available platforms. This will double the testing time though, but do that task, you need to hire a skilled developer.

Although the iOS and Android app look similar, their underlying code is totally different. Hence, it is necessary for you to do a thorough test of your mobile app for each platform. 

Remember, do not make any mistake on making assumptions that are related to the performance or functionality of any platform. 

With several applications coming up in the app store, users can do several things on their mobile devices. So, they expect the applications present on their phone, to work in tandem. If your app fails to entice them, or if there is any disturbance in the user experience, then your users will end up uninstalling it. 

So, Now You See How Vital The Mobile Cross-platform Development Process Is?

It needs teamwork and attention to every minute detail. Hence, it is always better if you follow these best practices,

We understand all the aspects of cross platform app development frameworks and have made all our customers smile by delivering quality-based product solutions. If you really want your next mobile app development project to excel, we can help you. 

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