Government Use of Technology Helps Consumers Have More Choices
Government Use of Technology Helps Consumers Have More Choices


Government has to have technologies to keep up with the modern world. The biggest hindrance to the technology is the ability and intelligence of the user. From word processing to facial recognition, the software well known. The hardware, from cameras to robots, is just as known to everyone. The government uses it all, for any number of uses. Agencies have to figure out what is best for their use and make sure their people are trained. How the government agencies use these bits of technologies also shows regular folks how they will be able to use what they buy.




Cameras have become a common place as air. Everyone with a cell phone has a camera. Facial recognition has become important to security and law enforcement. Cameras are how the government either protects or turns the nation into something from Orwell. These simple devices allowed NASA to show the moon to the world and the DOJ show courts crimes. Regular people see these cameras and decide what they will purchase because of what they see. Cameras are said to be getting better, so the more users are coming for them. The various agencies having new uses for them allows for them to be getting more advanced, which helps them and the consumer market.


Technology management


People do not always realize that the technologies to maintain technology can be important. Government agencies need groups like Bridge Core to help make sure that the management of technology is affordable and modern. The different technologies were developed to help or watch people on networks. People and companies were able to learn how to efficiently and inexpensively manage companies and government agencies assets. Network management, printer management, and security are just some of how management has become important and time saving. People can see how this saves money and also allows for a more open government, if people want it.




Technology has allowed for many new choices in how people communicate. It is not just cell phones. Skype, instant messaging, and voice over IP are just some of the advances that allow agencies to spend less and manage better. People want to communicate with agencies easier. Government bureaucrats consistently talk about how they want a more open government. This is how. Agencies also need communication in emergencies. That has gotten even better, mostly through the military and FEMA working on this. People are able to use that in their own lives. Communication is key to most of the new technologies.


Technology makes government more accessible. It needs to be managed. Communication, with or without cameras, is developed for government agencies and then end up in the hands of consumers. There are many reasons that agencies want technologies, but many times, it ends up advancing the technology for the people walking around stores seeing what is new. Companies need money to develop this technology, which comes from governments in many instances. Security is helped from this. Emergencies are made less dire. All of this from simple choices in what technologies are utilized by these government agencies.

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