Coding languages to learn in 2019



In the world of tech, everything is ever changing. There are always new things to learn. There are many new coding languages each year or older languages are getting upgraded with new frameworks. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most popular coding languages to learn in 2019. 




Java is the most popular language around probably and almost anyone has heard about it. The most popular application of java is in developing mobile applications. Mainly the Android applications are built using Java and it is a very popular language to learn. Java can be used to develop web applications, GUI applications, scientific applications, enterprise applications and many more. It is comparatively an easier language to learn and is one of the most on demand coding language to learn in 2019. With the use of Android applications, we can say that the demand for JAVA developers will keep rising.




Swift is a coding language essentially only for MAC and IOS devices. It has been developed by Apple Inc. for the development of applications for Mac computers and Apple mobiles. The number of IOS users are comparatively lower than Android users but due to the application language being different and unique Swift is a very popular language to learn. Swift language frameworks are developing rapidly and in 2019 it is a good time to start learning Swift coding language.


C Sharp


C# is a comparatively newer language to learn and has become really popular for its wide application. It can be used to develop games in Unity and also to make computer application for windows. It needs a special type of framework named .Net to work. The applications of C sharp are many. They can start from windows services, windows applications, web applications, web services, games applications, game console applications, workflow applications, class libraries applications. With the increasing demand for C# programming, it will be a good idea to start learning C# in 2019. 




Python is one of the most in-demand languages to learn in 2019. It has been growing rapidly over the years and it is now being used in much complex new technology. Many new coders said that python is one of the most fun and easy languages to learn. Python has a wide variety of applications from website development, mobile application development, game development, windows application development. Many popular websites in the world use python and its demand will keep increasing. Python is being used for creating artificial intelligence, data science. Machine learning with python is a very in-demand skill to have. Scientist prefers python for artificial intelligence as it is very easy to learn and dynamic.




Javascript is a very wide and complex language to learn. It is fast changing and developing rapidly. There are many frameworks of Javascript that are used in modern coding. Javascript is basically a client-side scripting language and can be used to build the front end and back end of a website, mobile applications, software. Javascript has been growing over the years with angular js, node js, react js and many other new languages which are essentially a branch of Javascript. JavaScript developers are highly in demand.


Learning any coding language can be a daunting experience but the benefits are truly rewarding.

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