5 SEO Tips To Rank Your Website Higher In Google


Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a digital marketing strategy in which you work towards organically ranking a website by increasing certain factors. Some of those factors include website traffic, content, and other organic search methods. It is different from the other main digital marketing strategy of PPC which is a paid form of advertising. Being that SEO is essentially a free way to do the same thing that the PPC strategy does, we can see why it is one of the more popular strategies around. Having said that, SEO can get some getting used to. In fact, many business owners choose to hire an SEO specialist so as to not bother with how technical and complex this strategy is. However, many business owners would also find it more beneficial to rank their own websites. Having full control allows you to grow your site to exactly where you want it to be. As an added bonus, that eliminates having to pay professional thousands of dollars for something that can be learned. With this in mind, let's talk about 5 SEO tips to rank your website higher in Google.


#5: Provide Informational And Relevant Content

One of if not the most important factor in SEO is informational content. Content is the funnel in which you drive all of your information and linking back to your website. It could come in a variety of forms such as articles, videos, or images. In fact, the more diverse you are with your content, the higher Google's ranking algorithm is likely to put your site. 


#4: Fix Broken Links

If the content on a website is the most important factor when it comes to SEO rankings, then linking is arguably a close second. This is why fixing any broken links is so important. What linking allows you to do is build authority and trust back to your website. This some of the main factors that Google look at when deciding what sites to rank higher for a keyword. Overall, the website with higher trust and authority will get a higher placed position on the search results page.


#3: Improve Speed Of Website Pages

One of the most overlooked contributors to a higher SEO ranking is page speed. When all of the main factors are taken care of, Google's next focus is on the performance and interface of a website. If a website can show that it can load fast, be user-friendly, and other similar on-page optimization, then that website is more likely to be ranked higher than a competing website.


#2: Optimize For Mobile Users

When we think of internet users today, think about how many people are searching and surfing the web on their mobile devices. On the safe side, it has to be at least half of all web surfers. As we can see, this is why optimizing for mobile users is such an important factor in SEO. By making it easy for mobile users to surf and search a website on their devices, you are increasing the chances they convert on a website. Of course, it also helps with a website's Google rankings.


#1: Be Patient

Lastly, it is important to stay patient when ranking a website. This is especially important for any new optimizer that is starting an online store for example. More than anything, we have to remember that optimizing will not result in an overnight change. That is not to say that some changes won't make an immediate effect but, in the long run, the best results will come slowly but surely.

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