Top 10 Ethnic Handicraft Items to Decor Kitchen & Serving
Top 10 Ethnic Handicraft Items to Decor Kitchen & Serving

Kitchen is among the most intimate and creative of spaces in the entire household, and this means that you can afford to neglect upon the décor and look of this integral part of your home. There are no dearths of options when it comes to finding the right accessories to help give your kitchen space the sort of look and feel that you have envisioned. Going all traditional and decking up your kitchen space with lots of ethnic handicraft items can be an excellent way to make it much more than the place in your household where you cook your meals.

  1. The Star Shaped Wooden Base Gift Box with Meenakari Brass Cover is of finest quality wood, while the Meenakari work on its body portrays the creative finesse of a master craftsman. The brass cover adds to the elegance of the piece, which is ideal for keeping dry fruits and an assortment of other delicacies while adding to the elegance of the dining table.

  2. You can also add elegance to your kitchen with A Set of Three Elegant Trays with Wooden Base and Brass Covering, which is ideal for serving food on various occasions. The elegance of the trays lies in the masterly blending of the fine quality wooden base with the brass covering. This set is bound to resonate with the overall décor of your kitchen and add to its appeal.

  3. The Three Wooden Base Trays with Wooden and Elegant Brass Work is bound to impress all your guests if you serve them food using this set. The elegant brass work compliments the fine quality carvings present on the wooden base to make it such a majestic piece for the kitchen décor. The richness of craft evident on its body is also bound to make the items it carries much more appealing.

  4. Add finesse to your dinner table by opting to keep your dry fruits and various other delicacies in this Marble Dryfruit Container with Marble Lid. The masterly engravings present on the body, as well as, the fine work on the base of this container reflect upon the elegant finesse of the meticulous craftsmen, while the marble lid compliments it.

  5. The Marble 3 Dibbi Set consists of three handi shaped lidded containers with a breathtakingly beautiful display of colorful beadwork on their bodies. The lidded containers, placed on a rectangular tray offers a dazzling specimen of meenakari work on their body along with elegant strokes of yellow on a white background to enhance its appeal.

  6. You can rest assure that the Attractive Swan Shaped Mouth freshener Container will perform the dual function of adding to the appeal of your dining table and making the food look more appetizing to your guests with equal ease. The use of blue color enhances the beauty of this swan-shaped container.

  7. Your dining table will not look the same ever again after you have made this Attractive Swan Shaped Spoon Set the destination for the spoons on that table. Carved out completely from metal, and molded into the shape of an elegant swan, this piece is just the sort that you require to make your dining table look elegant without even trying.

  8. The Set of Three Wooden Trays with Elegant Brass Work allows you to showcase your eye for aesthetic beauty even in the most mundane of items such as trays used for serving food. The elegant brass work compliments the wooden trays to make this set such an ideal accessory for all stylish households.

  9. Make your desserts even more appetizing by serving them in the Twin Bowl German Silver Pudding Set. Placed on an equally dazzling silver tray, the twin bowls are bound to mesmerize everyone with the display of intricate carvings on their body. Make your dining table look elegant and your deserts mouthwatering with this pudding bowl set.

Created from change silver, the Oxidized Rath Shaped Tea Coaster is bound to leave you and all your guests at the tea table mesmerized. The work of the finest craftsmen on the silver base in the form of intricate carving adorns this beautiful piece. Get this piece, complete with a pair of horses and a driver, to make your tea sessions highly interesting.

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