Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to paint an interior room with the same professional appeal as you would get when hiring a licensed painter to do the job? Actually, the reason is that they have learned a few tricks along the way that enables them to get the job done quickly and efficiently without getting paint all over everything you didn’t expect to be splattered with unwanted color. If you are about to embark on a DIY painting project of one or more rooms in your home, these tips just might be the solution.

Try Never to Paint in Humid or Wet Weather

Even Seattle, notorious for experiencing rain on an average of 152 days a year and more than 37 inches, does have dry weather. If you are going to paint a room, even with paint advertised to dry in mere hours, it is important to paint during dry weather. The amount of humidity in the air will significantly slow the drying process. There’s nothing quite as frustrating, and sometimes as costly, as touching a wet surface and then your sofa, clothing, or other objects, which would be ruined if smeared with paint. Dry weather helps paint dry quicker. That’s a fact.

Get Protective Covering When Gathering Supplies

Most DIY instructions will tell you to begin by scraping or sanding any rough patches, but that is a huge mistake if you don’t order protective covering for anything left in the room. From floors to furniture, all that dust can cause a major issue once the project is complete. Don’t wait until you begin painting to cover everything that needs protecting. You can get all the tape, plastic, padding, and the coverings you need from TRIMACO® and you’ll be ready for that necessary step in smoothing surfaces you intend to paint. It is unrealistic to think you won’t need to protect floors and furniture, so be ready to cover everything and anything before you start.

Never Begin Until You Have Everything You Need!

Another common mistake is to get overly anxious to start the job. Always make a list of everything you need prior to starting the job. Imagine getting down to the floorboards without painter’s tape. Or imagine using a poor-quality roller or paintbrush that gives you an inferior coverage. Before doing anything at all, make a detailed list of anything you might need and then check it several times to ensure you will have everything you need before starting. Whether you start with a base coat, which is generally suggested, or simply want to re-paint with the same color, you want to know that you can keep going without stopping to run out and get a different brush, roller, or more protective covering. Never begin until you have everything you need.

You can also watch videos on YouTube which give you tips, tricks, and techniques used by the pros. The main takeaway here is that you must be ready before you take that first stroke of the brush. Have everything ready and on hand before you start, and the job will be much easier.
Paint the Walls and Ceiling

While flooring is a technical and moderately costly upgrade, painting is easy and cheap. Like flooring, it makes a huge impact on the overall tone and feel of your bathroom. Are the walls dark and depressing? Are there stains in the paint? These minor issues will make the bathroom look neglected and worn out. A simple change of color can make a huge difference. Clean the walls and then apply a fresh coat of lighter colored paint. Make sure the paint color complements the floor choice you installed earlier.

Install New Fixtures

Many homes, especially so-called tract homes, have pretty boring bathroom fixtures. This includes the faucets and knobs, toilet paper holders, towel racks and light fixtures. As you lighten and brighten your bathroom, consider upgrading these fixtures. You could go light with brushed aluminum or stainless steel. Alternatively, if your walls and tiles are very light colored, you could go for high contrast with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.


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