5 Weird and Funny Rituals That You Will Find Only In Indian Weddings!
5 Weird and Funny Rituals That You Will Find Only In Indian Weddings!

Marriage in India is not just tying of the knot between two people, but instead, it is a grand festival which Indians celebrate great pomp & show. Personally, apart from getting all dressed up, I get mesmerized by the decors and arrangement that makes a wedding beautiful. Moreover, if the wedding decorations is dominated with flower decoration, as it is a great sight for the eyes and also for those guests who roam clueless at the marriage. Get the best flowers online in Delhi via various good online portals across India. Regardless of the budget of the marriage, what makes the marriage so crazy and fun? It is the weird rituals that fill the environment with all smiles and laughter. Apart from having some lip-smacking food, I attend to watch those crazy rituals. *Interestingly*, all our elderly relatives start sounding funnier ever than before.

Let’s share some laughter while discussing some of the fun rituals:

Tugging the groom’s nose: One of the craziest rituals is pulling the groom’s nose by his mother-in-law. Bride’s mother pulls the groom’s nose in a playful manner at the entry. Mother-in-law be like, “I got your nose.” It also signifies that the bride’s mother is warning the groom to take care of her daughter or else.

Prohibition of the groom’s mother from attending the wedding: Does not it sound weird that the groom’s mother is not allowed to attend her own son’s wedding? How can someone justify this ritual as mothers waited for all their lives to see their son get married and in the end, they sit back at home alone since they are not allowed to watch their son’s ‘PHERE.’ As it is believed that if the mother sees her son’s “pheres”, then it will cast bad luck on the newlywed's married life. If anything goes wrong at the wedding it is likely because the groom’s mother might have attended his marriage. Few rituals are seriously unbelievable. 

Haldi Ceremony: In India, “haldi” or turmeric is considered the antidote of many grave diseases. Indians have this weird obsession with this spice. In fact, turmeric has been strongly rooted in our culture that it is applied on the bride’s and groom’s body so that they would glow with an utmost glow. This ritual starts as a ceremony which later seems no less than the festival of Holi. All the elderlies put haldi on each other’ face and let the child inside them enjoy the function. In the present-day scenario, this ritual has gained huge popularity. The bride wears a yellow-colored attire and ornaments made of flowers and leaves. This floral jewelry is trending among the new generation. So, to all the flower lovers, order flowers online in Delhi and feel all pretty and happy. 

Stealing of Shoes: Well, among other fun rituals, this one is my favorite ritual. The sisters of the bride have to cleverly hide the shoes of the groom. While the groom’s brothers and friends will try to protect the groom’s shoes from their rivals. It is a very sweet and fun ritual accompanied by many jokes and sarcasm. If the sisters of the bride are successful in stealing the groom’s shoes than the groom would have to pay the bride’s sisters money in the form of some cash. This is followed by fun arguments between both the rivals. Apart from the fun element, this ritual does hold great importance. It breaks the awkward ice between the families and also strengthens the newly built bonds. 

Manglik Bride: How can we not talk about the weird superstitions that prevail in Indian marriages? As per this superstition, the bride is considered to be “manglik” so she has the tendency of bringing bad luck to her husband’s fortune. Why would any bride bring bad luck to her to be husband ever? Moreover, the first husband of the bride should die to remove the bride’s sinistrous nature. The bride is supposed to marry a tree or a dog because, hell yeah, we humans don’t care for nature and animals. As I mentioned above, few rituals in Indian marriages are just gross.

Conclusion: If we ignore a few elements of the wedding like the giving and taking of the dowry or a Manglik bride, marriages are sheer fun and exciting. From booking the marriage banquet hall to finalizing the best photographer, organizing a wedding is no less than an adventure.

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