Change your lifestyle to keep your stress level down
Change your lifestyle to keep your stress level down

Stress appears to be a widespread phenomenon in today’s busy life. Everybody complains of it with a variety of reasons. While an office employee finds a too hectic work schedule with the pressure of time-lines responsible the others think it lack of sleep that is causing stress to them. Students are stressed because of a final exam which is due shortly and enough preparation is not made. The older people tend to be more stressed due to senior stress effects like lowered immunity, health issues, loneliness, loss of a spouse, etc. The financial burden and turbulent married life are also very common factors for stress.

In nutshell, the lifestyle is a big culprit in creating stress in people’s lives. Stress management experts suggest that stress level can be minimized or eliminated by certain changes in lifestyle. Especially this lifestyle change management can be used effectively to overcome senior’s stress.

To begin with, the following test can be proved very useful in ascertaining your status of stress and identify stressors prevailing in your lifestyle that is causing that stress. The questions are arranged in a descending order of stress causing the situation. So if you opt for 1st option in most of the cases, you are taking good care of you and are successful in keeping your stress level to a minimum. Choosing the last options in most cases means you are overstressed and need to pay serious attention to your lifestyle.

How frequent and how much do you exercise in a week?

  • 5 times a week for 30 minutes.
  • 3 times a week for 20 minutes.
  • Not regularly and not too much.
  • I am lazy and don’t exercise at all.

What is your Per-day Caffeine Consumption?

  • Don’t drink coffee/tea/cola.
  • Only 1 cup of coffee or tea in a day.
  • 2 to 3 cups of tea/coffee or cola.
  • More than 4 cups.

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

  • No never.
  • Yes sometimes.
  • Yes quite often.
  • Yes, I have developed Insomnia.

Do you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities at workplace?

  • No never
  • Yes but Rarely
  • Yes often
  • Yes always


Do you withdraw from others or feel nervous at groups of people?

  • No never
  • Yes but Rarely
  • Yes often
  • Yes always


How is your married life going?

  • Wonderful with the best compatibility
  • Moderately balanced.
  • Frequent fights
  • Can’t tolerate each other

Do you experience chest pain, anxiety, muscle tension, and headache?

  • No never
  • Yes but Rarely
  • Yes often
  • Yes more often


Do you have adequate income to meet your expenses?

  • Always
  • Yes often
  • Yes but Rarely
  • Never


Do you feel tired all the time?

  • No never
  • Yes but Rarely
  • Yes often
  • Yes constantly feel tired.

How to stop stress to take a toll on your life?

There is much one can do to stop the menace of stress to take over your life. The first and foremost is to identify the stressors that cause it and try to avoid those at the best possible level. So if you have identified that it is excessive smoking or Alcohol intake that is culprit you will have to reduce liquor/tobacco consumption. On the other hand, if it is the frustration of missing timelines for tasks, in your career life, you will definitely need help for better time management courses.

How aged people can overcome senior stress effects?

This topic is close to my heart because I see a lot of seniors suffering from senior-stress syndrome and yet feeling helplessness and dejection. I will advise them daily exercise, meditation and deep breathing which are surefire stress reducers. Some other lifestyle changes to help overcome senior stress effects are:

  • Relax and take a break from your daily activities and do something every day that you enjoy.
  • Regain your sense of humor because laughter is truly the best medicine.
  • Enjoy music, books, movies, etc. according to your taste and preferences.
  • Find a fun activity with your mates like a brisk walk, swimming or indoor games.
  • Dine out with friends and family.
  • Make time to participate in cultural activities like theatre, art, exhibitions, etc.

Wrap Up:

Kill the stress or stress will kill you. Keep this simple line always in your mind. If you are confronting with stress, first identify what is causing it and tackle it confidently by making changes to your lifestyle. Organize your life in general and your tasks in particular so that there is discipline around you. Last but not least, be positive and avoid all negative vibes that create stress in life.

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