The Story Of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

Hazrat Sultan Bahu or Bahoo is one of the most respected Sufi saints from the Mughal era. Born in the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent, he is also known as Sultan al-Afirin (the king ofgnostics) among his fellow people. He hailed from an Arab based Alvid tribe called as Awan that settled down in the Khushab District of Punjab. His father was served in the royal army of Shah Jahan and was rewarded with the lordship of Shorkot area for his esteemed services. Hazrat Sultan was born in year 1628 when his family finally shifted to Qalai Sharkot near river Chenab. Before he was born, his mother had a dream in which Prophet Muhammad told her that she will give birth to a divine child who will bear special spiritual qualities and his teachings would light up the path of preachers till the end of the time. He directed her to name the child as ‘Ba Hu’ which is another word for ‘Allah’. The child lived up to his name and followed the path of ‘Allah’ since the beginning of his life. He was always drowned in the Allah’s love and his devotion to the supreme power remains unparalleled till date.

The shrines of both his parents are located in Shorkot which is now located in Pakistan. It was Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s decree that his parents’ shrines will to be visited before visiting his shrine. It is a must for all his followers and those who seek his blessings. He was a very bright soul since childhood and everyone spoke of his divinity since then. His biggest lesson to people was to follow one and only god called Allah and consider Muhammad as his messenger. His strong personality compelled faith from everyone to believe him and follow his Kalima Tayyiba. His father left the word when he was very young and his education was looked after his mother. Since he was mostly drowned in divine world his education remained somewhat incomplete. It is said that whatever he wrote in the later part of his life was due to his own spiritual wisdom. His mother gave him the basic lessons about dikhr and rest was attained by him on his own. Books written by Sultan Bahu are read across the world by Islam followers who wish to move ahead in spiritual world. His teachings still remain enriched with wisdom and spirit and excel all the lessons imparted by other Sufi saints of his age.

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