The Reliability of Minn Kota Heading Sensor - BOE Marine
The Reliability of Minn Kota Heading Sensor - BOE Marine

Heading sensor are devices that help guide a maritime vessel without the help of a human captain. Although the heading sensor is usually referenced to aircraft, it can also be applied to a number of technologies to guide sea vessels.

Years ago, heading sensors were only manufactured for large ships such as cruise ships, yachts or tankers. However, modern technology has seen an increase in automatic marine leisure pilots. The modern marine heading sensor device can eliminate the tedium that comes from the constant direction.

He can also control the ship's rudder and still allow him to maintain a high degree of awareness of the situation. When you begin to analyze the contemporary heading sensor system, you will see that it compromises five basic elements: first, there is the operator's control panel; then the computer (which can be part of the control panel or by itself); the heading sensor, the rudder control and, finally, the rudder position sensor.

What makes a Minn Kota heading sensor the best? After all, numerous companies offer these devices for a variety of prices. The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of marine heading sensors is to focus on how well the device stays on course or how a course continues even in conditions that are not perfect. The heading sensor will determine the effectiveness of the heading sensors.

One of the salient features, of the Minn Kota heading sensor, is the use of microprocessors. This allows the marine heading sensors to handle operations that are more complex. In this regard, mention could be made to automatic compensation of asymmetry in the direction, the counter-rudder and course tracking and, of course, the automatic adaptation of the state of the sea. In previous decades, these devices were only used by very expensive commercial ships. Nowadays these sophisticated devices are being marketed to the individual navigator.

Another development in the Minn Kota heading sensor of BOE Marine is that of automatic steering using a GPS system. Some of these devices can follow a steady course, even if the wind conditions or ocean currents are strong. The newer systems use technology from the aeronautical industry since they allow the ability to intercept fixed and selectable angle courses. Theoretically, this type of device could even allow the captain of a ship to catch some Zs while the heading sensor navigates the ship. (Theoretically now ... it's best not to try it yourself!) Other features that are becoming popular among pleasure boaters and yacht owners include wireless heading sensor controls and rudder units that operate through Hydraulic steering or manual steering.

How much can you expect to pay for heading sensors? Depending on the features you choose, you can pay from $ 500 for a simple system to more than $ 3,500 or more for a more complex design. Other factors to consider when purchasing marine heading sensors are the complexity of the use (is it an easy system to learn?) And the special characteristics that the company incorporates into the system.

It is possible that the purchase of a heading sensor is the best way to organize and minimize the effort of directing and guiding a ship to its destination. For more information on marine heading sensors, look for retail stores on the web.

In general, it is not recommended to leave a marine heading sensor system running while you enjoy a quick nap. After all, anything could go wrong and this could result in a major catastrophe. Still, with the latest features of marine heading sensors, it can be very tempting to let the machine do all the work. Automatic pilots are actually created to help guide a commercial boat or an individually owned boat with the minimal human effort required.

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