Can Hydronic Trench Heating Also Provide Cooling?
Can Hydronic Trench Heating Also Provide Cooling?

A relatively new addition to the heating and cooling industry here in Australia, many homeowners are hesitant to install trench heating for the simple reason that they don’t know much about it. This system operates similarly to hydronic radiators, except it’s installed underneath the floor instead of mounted on the wall. A boiler heat or cools the water before passing it through the grille network.

Heating or Cooling?

While hydronic systems are generally thought of as a heating method only, you’ll be happy to learn that trench systems are actually far more versatile. The water that can be used to heat your home can also be used to cool your space as well. With water flowing through the pipes that is only a few degrees cooler than the desired temperature, you’ll find it can easily and effectively cool your home. This is because water can absorb more than 3000 times the amount of heat energy that air can.

What else can my trench heaters do?
You will receive plenty of benefits from making the switch, including:

• Maximise Wall Space
As these systems are installed underneath the floor, they will allow you to maximise valuable wall space that would otherwise be taken up by radiators. This is particularly useful for homes with lots of floor to ceiling windows or awkwardly shaped rooms where wall space is at a premium. They will also provide a nice, clean look for the room.

• Counteract Drafty Areas
If you have areas around your home that are prone to getting drafty, the strategic installation of trench heatingcan help you to effectively counteract this problem. Rooms that tend to have problems with drafts include those with doors opening to the outside and those with large, floor to ceiling windows.

• Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly
Another of the benefits offered by trench heating is that it is very energy efficient as well as eco-friendly, as the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room. You won’t need to rely on your thermostat as much, saving you money whilst you cool your home.


• Durable Construction
Unlike the vents for ducted systems, the grilles used in trench systems are incredibly durable. This means you’ll be able to walk over the top of them without fear of causing damage. This provides the freedom to install the grilles in the most suitable location rather than needing to find a hidden or unused corner where no one is likely to walk.

• Suitable for all Flooring
This type of temperature control is suitable for use with all types of flooring – you don’t have to worry about heat exposure and other damage. Choose from carpet, timber floorboards, natural stone, ceramic tiles and some other material all together. The grilles will also sit flush with the level of the floor for an unobtrusive finish.

• Quiet Operation
These systems don’t rely on fans to force air around the room; instead, they follow the convection method. This means that they offer an incredibly quiet operation – you may not even realise that the trench heating has been switched on! No more being startled or waking the kids with the rushing of air as the system kicks in.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with trench heating – and there are plenty more just waiting for you to discover them. No longer just for heating your home, the right team will be able to offer you an efficient cooling system as well. Take advantage of hydronic heaters today!

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