13 prominent features an e-commerce website should have!

13 prominent features an e-commerce website should have!

All website is different and unique in its way.Ecommerce websites have evolved. We have seen trends like animation, 360-degree product previews, and more. But these trends do not guarantee conversions or robust user experience.

Do you know what elements make an ecommerce website relevant and competitive? Well, dive in for your answer!

E-commerce websites are the online version of your physical store. They are capable of yielding an enormous profit if created using your expertise. Digitalization is taking over the modern day era. Every business must have an online destination for their business. This enables their potential audience to find them over the World Wide Web.

Keep the following crucial elements in mind during an e-commerce website development:

1. Ease of use

An e-commerce website calls for simplicity. But you do not have to sacrifice elegance to achieve it.

Ease of use is also another name for better user experience. It avoids any unnecessary complexity that can clog up their path to buy. It helps shoppers get what they want, easier as well as faster.

2. High-resolution photos and videos

Earlier advertisers used to post complex photos. Such pictures would include a few bulletin points and a price tag. But, in today’s changing environment, technical conditions for images are crucial. People don’t want to zoom in or zoom out to get a feel for the product. E-commerce websites should incorporate well-optimized high-resolution photos per product for page load.

3. Mobile-friendly websites

Since Google declared it, so we should abide. If a site doesn’t have a mobile version, it faces the negative consequences of SEO.

4. User-generated reviews

Today, shoppers read reviews before buying. Since reviews affect the sale rate, a good e-commerce website should use plug-ins. You can incorporate such plug-ins from Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook.

5. Find-in-store

Not all e-commerce websites have a physical store. But the ones who do have a store they should include a find-in-store feature. Doing so brings the potential buyer to your doorstep from the internet.

6. Shopping cart

The most prominent part of any e-commerce store is the shopping cart. This is where your online consumer will store their products before proceeding to checkout. A flexible shopping cart enables both the guest users and the registered consumer to checkout.

7. Payment Gateway Integrations

The most effective e-commerce website provides you an option of integrating with diverse payment gateways by not restricting or limiting your choices to a selected few.

8. Order Management

A potential order management panel simplifies the work of the merchants. Here one can get information regarding buyer cancellation, refunds, or COD order in details. It also incorporates information about verification, exchange, order status update, and more. This panel is of great help to the merchants. It allows them to manage his order fulfillment and oversee the completion of the same.

9. Security

The security is also one of the essential features of an e-commerce website. This feature ensures that no crucial or important data such as credit card information is saved. However, for all prepaid shipments the checkout procedure is carried out through a secure payment gateway. This feature makes user that the passwords are hashed and are not stored in a readable format. An expert website developer makes sure that all web pages are protected by SSL. The servers are further secure and protected incorporating state of art services.

10. Scalable Infrastructure

An effective and well-crafted e-commerce website’s infrastructure is able to scale the rate of increased traffic in the website. However, an elevation in latency leads to drops in transaction rates. This further leads to loss of marketing dollar. You should make sure that CDN is used to enhance and improve the performance of the website as well as its products online. It also offers excellent uptime, ensuring that the e-commerce website is readily available everywhere and at any time.

11. Reports

The reports should be available in the form of exports which incorporates detailed information regarding the orders, product reports, customer database in terms of catalogue. This feature is quite essential for analyzing the growth of the business. The website should be pre-integrated with marketing tools and analytics to potentially market the brand as well as read reports about the performance of the store.

12. Communication

This world is driven by effective communication. Communication is an essential part in any form or medium of business. The communication panel in an e-commerce website incorporates provisions to send and receive timely notifications regarding your orders. This helps the merchants to keep his customers informed about the status of the order and receive the same through the system.

13. Logistics integration

Integrating logistics services allows for seamless shipping. This feature also makes sure that the merchant and the consumer get on-time courier updates along with order tracking capability. This feature is of great help to the consumer. It allows users to manage shipments from the same panel. This saves the time of approaching the respective courier partners separately.

These were some of the essential features that an ace website should incorporate. Are you willing to hire the best e-commerce website development services? Then contact MagentaHive now! Our expert designers and developers are aware of all the necessities. We know what it takes to build a responsive and result-oriented website. Our tech-savvy team holds potential expertise that makes them aware of what it takes to create the best e-commerce website. We provide and cater the best e-commerce solutions to different kinds and types of businesses all around the world.

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