What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Payment Processing Conversion?

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Payment Processing Conversion?Has your business utilized the benefits of mobile payment processing? If not, it is crucial to know that businesses that don’t make use of mobile payment processing are missing out. They find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to processing consumer payments. No retailer wants to be left behind in the fast-moving world of retail and consumer goods. Thankfully, with Royal Debit, business owners and merchants of every size can have access to the solutions needed to stay on top of the ever-advancing processing technology.


Mobile Payment Processing is Quickly Growing

There are more than 10 million conversations on social media regarding mobile payment processing, smartphone processing and much more. This shows that the voice of merchants and business owners are clear in what they want. There was a lot of important information gathered from the second annual MasterCard Mobile Payments Study, which was broadcast on social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and other online forums. It was shown that there is an intense drive for the convenience of mobile payments to be implemented in the market.

The push comes from consumers at the point of sale level all the way to the corporate boardrooms of the merchants. Above all, more than 85% of merchants positively supported mobile payment options. Those that are still using traditional methods will clearly be at a strong disadvantage with their payment processing methods. This is because consumers are flocking towards retailers that offer convenience and easy payment for their purchases. In the same study, it was shown that a whopping 95% of the conversation was initiated by businesses that had already changed their business models over to one that makes use of mobile payment processing, while the other end of the conversations were other companies looking for information and advice on bringing mobile payment systems into their businesses.

Companies that bring their payment systems into the future will be better positioned to take their share of the market. As consumers move away from more traditional forms of consumer payments, it is important to evolve with the changes. With more and more consumers discussing mobile payment processing, it is gaining more popularity. It is important to note that people are now eager to get on board as soon as possible, instead of having doubts.

How We Can Help

Royal Debit has a range of payment processing options, terminals, debit machine, and POS solutions to help retailers and merchants of any size remain competitive all over Canada. Contact us today at (416) 986-3342 to see how we can help you.

More About Us

Royal Debit was founded in 2014 to provide credit card processing and merchant account services to small & large businesses. Like many new companies in North America, we had to work hard within a small budget.

We provided a very simplified system, transparent pricing and dependable customer service without any contract and cancellation fees.

To keep our decisions free of the short-term & Long-term needs of investors, we shied away from venture capital. Instead, we made decisions based on our values to build a purpose-driven company – the kind of company that we would want to do business with.

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