maac lipo and skin whitening

You eat well and regularly workout but still the deposits of unwanted fatty tissue just wont go away. Then considering Liposuction is ideal, just a day care procedure and contour/ shape your body forever. 

Age Limits: 
Minimum 18 year old one should be to undergo Liposuction treatment and he or she must stabilize their weight prior to opting liposuction treatment, along with adding healthy eating habits which help them retain the results forever. 

Treatment Process: 
Physician at MAAC would first carefully examine the areas liposuction treatment to be performed, and then educate about his / her individual body type and the realistic results what they can get post liposuction treatment. Almost Liposuction treatments are performed early morning with complete NPO which means Nil per Orally, or nothing to be consumed liquid or solid food by mouth minimum 8 hours prior to treatment as they will be undergoing with anesthesia for liposuction. It iss not a major surgery wherein major cuts or sutures are needed, it is a Laparoscopic surgery also known as Keyhole surgery wherein 2 mm to 3 mm short incisions are made on treating area through which physician will insert a thin tube like device called a cannula which is connected to a suction machine which helps suck and drains off the superficial converted fluid fat cellulites, these incisions are normally left open for drainage. Post surgery you will be relaxing at our recovery room for next 5 - 6 hours as the anesthesia effect fades off, Doctors would provide some fresh water followed with light meal with fresh fruit juice, post meal doctor will train you to wear pressure garment which one should wear post liposuction for minimum 12 weeks 24/7 except for shower time. Once the anesthesia effect fades off completely doctor would discharge you which is mostly same day after 10 - 12 hours gap of surgery. As it is a minimal invasive treatment no long term hospitalization is required.

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Benefits: Ultra Skin whitening or Lightening Treatment has been formulated to help Indian / Asian skin to increase the immunity of skin against UV- Radiation /Toxic products that are produced in skin & reducing the Tan / Pigmentation thus acts as ANTIOXIDANTS. Mechanism Of Action: It acts by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase thus decreasing the production of pigment of skin melanin, Indication: Ultra Skin Whitening is an effective treatment for women and men with problematic skin including:

  • Blemishes
  • Tanned Skin
  • Pigmented Skin
  • Acne and its Blemishes
  • Dark Lips
  • Brown spots or patches on skin
  • Duration: 20Min .

Frequency: once in a week Package: Course of 10 sessions Home Care: Regular use of Sunscreen & Moisturizer Clients should be aware of the following:

  • Avoid sun exposure during Ultra Skin Whitening or Body Lightening treatments
  • To consume lots of water
  • To add Vitamin C content fruits in their daily diet
  • Ultra Skin Whitening treatment is not for Pregnant or breast-feeding women
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