Top Eyewear Trends for 2019
Top Eyewear Trends for 2019

Every season we see the rise of a new fashion trend. Some styles reappear better than before while others get lost under the weight of new, more exciting designs. Same is the case with eyewear trends.

This year we see a comeback of many favorite trends from last year among many new styles. From thin metal frames to round glasses, classic aviators, and translucent hues; there are a plethora of designs available that you can experiment with and rediscover your style. Moreover, with coupons available online, you don’t have to worry about a budget and get your trendy eyewear at pocket-friendly prices.

Fashion trends are ever-changing; they come, and they go. Let's see what eyewear trends are in store for 2019:

1.       Tortoise Shell

 Last year’s tortoise-shell frames are still going strong in the year 2019. With a vast array of color combinations, this eyewear is fit for everyone. From brilliant yellow/gold to bold purple and teal, even light blue and white are among the many color palettes available.

So be bold and experiment with the different colors in different frames styles and find the one that fits best with your face and personality to stay in tune with the times.

2.       Translucent Hues

 We’ve seen a lot of transparent frames in years past, and though they are never out of style, it’s time to add a touch of color to your lives. This year we see a rise in translucent frames with pink and purple hues being a crowd-favorite.

Think of them as the new neutral ideal for all face types among men and women. Subtle in their elegance and beauty, light and modern, these frames are a perfect fit for anyone and everyone.

3.       Thin Metal Frames

 The ’70s are making a comeback with thin metal frames that are the trendiest eyewear in the market. With their sleek design and almost weightlessness, these frames add grace and style to any face that adorns them.

Simple in their makeup, these frames are elegant in their own right. Plus, with colors like gold, silver, and even rose gold, in round-frames or large aviators, these metal frames are a rising star in the world of eyewear.

4.       Oversized

For eyewear shapes and styles, we will see a lot of oversized frames that are sure to make you catch the eye of everyone in a crowd. Whether it is thin metal or plastic, these frames are perfect for anyone with a desire to show their artistic side.

Oversized sunglasses inspire self-assurance and confidence in anyone who dares to wear them. They are versatile and ideal for all face shapes and sizes.

5.       Rounded

If you want to be noticed, but not stand out in a crowd, then round-framed glasses are your best choice. They are timeless accessories, simple in design but beautiful nonetheless. They symbolize your free spirit, unbound by the chains of society.

Whether it is eyeglasses or sunglasses, round frames give the wear a trendy and stylish look. At the same time, they are perfect if you want a professional edge to your appearance without coming off as a pompous, straitlaced individual.


Like everything else, eyewear trends are ever-changing. However, it is nothing too dramatic for you to need to change your glasses every six months. On the other hand, a little risk makes life more enjoyable. So, consider coming out of your comfort zone and experiment with these rising styles and designs. Who knows, you may find yourself a new favorite.

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