7 Amazing Tips to Get SEO Friendly Multilingual WordPress Website

Adapting multilingual is one of the best strategy to boost the online presence. But, the assurity can be gained by the SEO of the translated page. Multilingual SEO is all about using SEO principles with the basic protocols.  It accounts in providing benefits to the language in Google ranking and to have some SEO benefits. WordPress provides several ways to develop a multilingual website. It can be done with a translation plug-in in a particular WordPress installation process. Like, Polylang, WPML or by  WordPress Multisite using Multilingual plug-ins, viz. Multilingual Press. A dedicated WordPress developer can assist in making multilingual website SEO friendly. A developer can help in getting HQ design with development at a rational budget. Though, to make a multilingual website SEO friendly, several factors should be considered.

This article defines some of the key elements in developing a multilingual WordPress website SEO friendly.

1. Hreflang Tag

An appropriate region and language are shown by the Hreflang tag with the help of a search engine. It is an amalgamation of region code and the language code. These are inserted to the Header section in an original page. For instance, Hreflang tag with a Candian page for the readers in French can be written as:


For multiple regions, multiple hreflang tag would be used.


2.  Identical Content on WordPress  Multilingual Websites

Identical or duplicate content is generally the substantive content blocks in the domain with a proper match or is identical in some way.  Google tries to get the higher indexing and depicts only those pages with definite information. With the multilingual website and effective communication with Google, the effectual result will produce.  


3. Using the Right URL Structure for Different Languages

Search engines assist in provinding the URLs struture of multilingual websites. But,  to select the best structure, Google provides some of the tips:

  • Generate sub-folder for every language:

  • Generate sub-domain for every language:

  • Provide country specific domain: For German visitors, is used and for English visitors, is used.  

4.  WordPress Languages and slugs

Slugs are generally a URL friendly version of page or post title. URLs with appropriate keywords assist in providing a better rank in local search engines. So, the slugs should be translated constantly.


5.  The Website should Load Faster

The relative way for the multilingual website to be SEO friendly is that it should run faster. Numerous ways are there to make the website load faster :

  • To install a plug-in to enable page caching

  • To set up browser caching

  • To integrate CDN with the website

  • It is not recommended to us3e 100% automatic translation for better SEO ranking.

6. Multilingual XML Sitemap

A multilingual XML sitemap finds the content for Google for all content. Most of the SEO plug-ins develops a sitemap automatically. But, it sometimes becomes tough with a multilingual website because of the availability of content at different URLs in different languages. For including the translation at the sitemap:  

  • is used to describe single URL

  • Develop child entry for every page

7.  Configuration of Meta’s and Titles for Every Language

The meta description and the content’s title are generally shown in Google’s organic results of searching.  It is significant to write a meta-description and quality title. Yoast SEO plug-in is used in WordPress SEO to control the information at each page. User can miss the SEO benefits if the translation pages are not translating the meta-description and the title. SEO benefits could be a miss for the translated content page. That could be enhanced by using Translation Plug-in.



Wrapping Up

Considering multilingual with novel languages provides considerable benefits. All these points mentioned earlier will help in making multilingual website SEO friendly.  It also enhances the user experience and helps in boosting the website ranking.


Emily Johns is a Sr. WordPress developer . Currently, she is associated with Wordsuccor Ltd.- WordPress Theme Customization Company. She holds an impressive amount of expertise in major CMS platforms.
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