Everything you need to know about Replica watches
Everything you need to know about Replica watches

If you are looking for a new replica watch, there are a lot of choices that you can make, besides that you just like it of course. Which timepiece do you go for; take a digital or analog replica watch; do you want your watch to be waterproof? On this blog all points below about watches come to the fore. So that you no longer have any questions and can choose a watch that fits you perfectly!

The clockwork

The timepiece is the mechanism of the watch, which causes the hands to move and the time to be accurately displayed. Watches can have different clocks, the best known are Quartz, Solar, and automatic watches.

Quartz watches
A Quartz watch is powered by a battery. There is a crystal in the timepiece that vibrates at a certain frequency. The mechanism in the clock can accurately indicate the time by means of these vibrations. The great thing about a Quartz watch is that the timepiece is exact and that it requires little maintenance and service. The only thing you have to take into account is that the battery can run out and needs to be replaced. The amount of time a new battery is required varies by watch type and model, but a battery lasts between one year and five years. Is it empty? Then we can replace the battery at Lucardi!

Solar watches
Solar watches use solar energy. A solar cell (a very small solar panel) converts solar energy into electricity. This electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery. A few minutes of light per day, this can be both sun and artificial light ensures that a solar watch runs smoothly. How long a solar watch can do without light depends on the type of watch and the model. This runs from a few days to a year. If your battery is low, the watch will indicate this automatically. The big advantage of a solar watch is that it is environmentally friendly. The battery never needs to be replaced, and it generates its electricity.

Automatic watches
An automatic watch works through movement. There is a mechanism in it that turns when the watch moves. Due to the turning movement, a spring is wound which ensures that the time is indicated. So no battery is required. An automatic watch needs movement and will stop motionless after approximately 36 hours, you must then set the time correctly yourself when you start using it again. On the other hand, this timepiece is also very durable and environmentally friendly, because you are not using a battery here either.

The water resistance
The term ATM (atmosphere) is used to indicate the water resistance of a watch, this is a unit for pressure. 1 ATM is equal to 10 meters of water pressure. It may be confusing, but water pressure does not indicate how deep you can go. With a watch of 10 meters water pressure you cannot go 10 meters underwater.

Maintenance tips
How do I keep my watch tidy for as long as possible?
If you want to enjoy your watch a lot, handle it with care. Below are some tips to keep your watch as tidy as possible

  • Rub your watch with our watch cleaning cloth . It makes the glass shine beautifully and smudges fingerprints.
  • Is your watch waterproof? Clean it after swimming, because chlorine and seawater can damage your watch. That would be a waste! Use water and mild soap for this.
  • Watch out with chemical substances such as perfume or hair spray. If your watch comes into contact with this, it can affect the band. Never spray perfume directly on the watch or on the skin that comes into contact with it.
  • If you have a watch whose battery is empty, replace the battery as soon as possible. If an empty battery is left in a watch for too long, it can oxidize and leak. This can damage your watch.
  • Make sure you store your watch in a place where it cannot be damaged, and… another tip: if you are going to store your watch for a long time: stop the clock. This way you prevent the battery from running out if you want to wear it again after a long time

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