Pregnancy tips to be followed to maintain skin care routine
Pregnancy tips to be followed to maintain skin care routine

Pregnancy is the phase when the expecting mother has to face a lot of physical and hormonal changes. It is very important for expecting mothers to take care of their skin during pregnancy because the body undergoes so many changes internally and externally. The most common changes during pregnancy are skin darkening, acnes, weight gain, skin sensitivity etc. Mom and baby magazine provide many skin care tips to be followed by expecting mothers.

Pregnancy tips for proper skin care routine can include the use of lavender oil on body and face. Mothers should review the list of ingredients before applying any new product to avoid any kind of allergies. Herbal oil can be applied on the stretch marks or any other area which itches during pregnancy days.

As per the mom and baby magazine, the products which are recommended for better skin during pregnancy are-

  • Sensitive facial cleansing wet towels.

  • Natural shampoos.

  • Shea butter or coconut body butter.

  • Organic nail paints.

  • Herbal acne night powder.

  • Organic face cleanser

  • Bio oil etc

Every pregnant woman needs good quality body butter or body oil to help her ease down the discomfort which is caused by abdominal skin stretching and help the mother to minimize stretch marks. So, it is suggested to apply oil or stretch mark special cream as per recommended by the doctor during the pregnancy days. Women should take proper care of their skin and body while they are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in any woman’s life. But sometimes it brings certain challenges with itself. Skin pigmentation is one such challenge. It is very common to develop blotchy spots of darker skin during pregnancy. Such patches can occur around upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. The face is the most affected area during pregnancy.


These skin pigment changes are very common to occur during pregnancy and should not be a reason for expecting mothers to panic at all. This occurs in areas where fiction is common.


As per Mom and baby magazine, the women with darker complexion or the women who already have pigmentation problem are more likely to hit by pigmentation. This happens due to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy.


One of the Pregnancy tips to combat skin pigment changes is to use sun protection. Direct exposure to sunlight acts as a trigger and intensifies pigmentation. Also, expecting mothers are advised to use hypoallergenic skin products.

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