Fake Grass; The Cost And Time Effective Replacement Of Natural Grass Turf!

Artificial turf, commonly referred to as fake grass, has become a popular landscaping solution in Australia in recent years and for many reasons. While a freshly manicured natural lawn is a beautiful site to see, keeping it that way is a very gruelling and demanding task and requires many hours of maintenance. Some disadvantages of a natural lawn include:

● Excessive maintenance: a lush green lawn requires a lot of water to maintain its appeal.
● Brown patches: some natural grass lawns can tend to look scrappy and off-putting if it hasn't been tended to properly.
● fertile soil: in some cases, natural grass requires additional fertiliser to grow properly.
● A long timeline before the results: it can take months before one sees a change in colour or growth rate or their natural turf.
● Harmful to natural species: some types of grass are not native to the area and when it grows out of control, it can overcrowd the surrounding natural habitat.
● Termites, ticks and other insects: natural turf is a habitat to many living things, that pose as a potential danger to pets and children.

These are just a few of the problems people face with natural grass. However, when an individual opts for the artificial alternative, it eliminates all the above issues and provides the owner with a more usable space in areas where they didn't think was possible.

One of the biggest benefits of artificial grass is the lack of mud. Fake grass is installed on a sturdy base that separates it from the mud and groundwater, which is then weighed down using sand. Once the grass is in place, you don’t need to worry about children or pets stamping muddy foot or paw prints around the house when they’ve been outside.

Those who look for low-maintenance gardens often opt for large patios or decks or even replace the entire lawn with non-permeable surfaces. While this means that you don’t need to mow a lawn, using these surfaces can often cause water to gather in puddles and then run off into nearby reservoirs. With tiles or decking, you don’t get the simple pleasure of lying in the grass in the sun when the weather permits. Using artificial grass instead means that water can pass into the ground as it does with normal grass but still gives you the stress-free and hassle-free elements of decking or tiling.

Even, Beautiful Coverage

Through autumn and winter, standard lawns often develop bald patches in areas of high traffic. i.e. the clothesline, driveway, tight entrances and near play equipment such as cubby houses. With an artificial lawn, you get even, beautiful coverage all through the year, even in the busiest areas of your garden.

Finally, if you like to give the dog some space to run around without going on a big walk, you could just let them out in the garden. Unlike standard lawns, artificial grass can’t be dug up so you know your garden will look the same once playtime is over!

There are many companies who claim to provide the best artificial turf Installation in Brisbane and the rest of Australia but most don't have the attributes and experience as SYNLawn. SYNLawn Australia is the leading brand of artificial lawn and synthetic turf in the country. As the largest manufacturer of artificial landscape grass and putting surfaces in the country with a 15-year manufacturer backed warranty, they’re a company you can trust. Talk to someone from SYNLawn’s friendly team of experts to find out how they can help you select the most cost-efficient solution for your yard.

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