Stepwise Guide to avail the Benefits of Secured Business Loans

Stepwise Guide to avail the Benefits of Secured Business Loans

Are you skeptical about taking a secured business loan in India? If yes, then it is time for you to read this article which brings you the benefits of the loan.

Many businesses take a loan to meet the day-to-day expenditures of their organization. Several take the loan to expand the business or meet repair costs related to building or machine maintenance. Whatever the reasons, there are several benefits of getting a secured business loans. Here, we are bringing to you the stepwise guide to avail the benefits of the loan.

Step 1- Identify the Amount You Require
As a startup or small business, it is essential that you identify the loan amount you want to take. For example, if you are planning to buy new machinery to scale up production, then you need to know the cost of the machine, the AMC, repairs required and others. Knowing the loan amount you need will help you choose a loan package. Find out if you can get a flexible loan if you are using the money to construct or add multiple equipments so that you pay interest only on the loan amount used by you.

Step 2- Choose the Bank or NBFC
Everybody has a bank or an NBFC that they use for their financial transaction. But, that does not mean that the financial institution is the best. You have to study the NBFC to understand the different types of loans that they offer. Will they provide the full loan amount? What is the interest rate that they charge? Though the interest rate offered today is competitive, you want to partner with an institution that makes the EMIs smaller and easier to pay.

Step 3- Do Now Worry About a Low Credit Score
Just apply for the loan even if you have a low credit score. Many NBFCs are happy to extend the loan, as long as you have the right collateral for your loan amount. Since the lender has the option of selling the collateral to recover the loan amount, a low credit score is acceptable. However, it is always advisable to keep working on improving your credit score as a high score makes you more creditworthy. Even with a low credit score, you can get higher collateral.

Step 4- Apply for the Loan with Minimum Documentation
At the time of choosing the lender, make it a point to check out the paperwork you will be required to complete. You have to fill up the form, attach/upload the requisite documents including KYC and then submit. Secured loans for small businesses today require minimum paperwork, and you should stay away from the lenders asking you to fill up lengthy and tedious forms. Easy application filing and quick disbursal are necessary to help you and make the task of getting the loan easier.

There are many benefits of using a business loan to enhance efficiencies or meet business growth plans. However, following the above steps will ensure you enjoy the benefits of the loan to the fullest. If you have any queries on what to do and how to get the right loan, do not hesitate to call up a representative of the bank or NBFC to get your doubts cleared.

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