Best Smartphones in the World: Handpicked

With the Mobile World Congress at a few months' away, here are some of the best smartphones in the world till today. Apart from offering latest features in their phones, the brands make their new devices lead to revise the list of top phones in the market. And, luckily if you're looking for buying a phone right now then you're in the right place!


Here's our rundown of the top 15 smartphones right now in the market that are worth having!


15. Apple iPhone SE/6S/6S Plus


Image Credits: Digital Trends


Though these smartphones are two years older, have similar specifications and are from Apple, they're still great smartphones to own. Given to the release of iOS 11, the latest version of the mobile operating system this phone runs quite smoothly.


The SE, 6S and 6S Plus have great cameras and has Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor allowing quick unlock of your phone. Oh, and these smartphones are the last of the iPhones having headphone jacks.


14. HTC U11


Image Credits: Digital Trends


Another flagship phone by HTC that has a good camera, a flashy reflective back and a high speed UI. However, there's a cool feature that allows you to squeeze the phone edges in order to open any apps as you want including Google Assistant. But, it lacks a headphone jack and has the borders round the display are large making it look a phone from the early 2000's.


13. LG G6


Image Credits: Android Central


The best smartphone of LG is G6 and is offering a phone with a premium design and water-resistance, the features that puts G6 is in the same league as Samsung and Apple's flagship phones. Having a great dual camera, taller screen this is a great device for viewing. But with an older processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 the processor that was superseded by Snapdragon 835 after just two months after this phone's launch. But, overall it is a good phone to own and run with for the long term.


12. Essential Phone


Image Credits: essential


The essential phone is a great device and has a nearly edge-to-edge display and has a case composed of ultra premium materials - with ceramic on the back and titanium on the sides. Runs on nearly the stock version of Android and prefer over the modified versions of Samsung and LG phones. Having two magnetic pins, speedy, take great photos with a 360 degree cameras, wireless charging dock in just $500 to $700!


11. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


Image Credits: YouTube


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is the best-looking smartphone and look more attractive that iPhone 8 and cooler than Note 8. With the curved glass design the ultra narrow borders around the devices' screens and has a new standard for premium smartphone. Apart from the good looks it has features like water-resistance, taller-than-average screens, apps or web pages. Supporting both fast and wireless charging and face and iris recognition. Having one of the best cameras and Samsung's Pay wireless-payment service, it is easier in getting comfortable with using the phones.


10. Apple iPhone 7 Plus


Image Credits: Apple


Though iPhone 7 Plus is more than a year old for just $550 and $670, you get the latest software updates as zoom as Apple releases them. The iPhone 7 Plus offer some compelling features, water-resistant cases, great cameras that performs great in low light and has a powerful processor. It has a dual-lens camera system for its exceptional camera, the 'bokeh' effect, a second camera that offers 2X optical zoom.


9. Razer Phone


Image Credits: The Verge

As a 'gaming' phone since it has a unique display and can refresh its screen 120 times a second, since most phones by comparison to refresh their screens 60 times a second. The UI is faster than has to offer super smooth gameplay. The phone doesn't only make games look good but also has affects the way it is display apps and Android interface. Since it works beautifully and you do on the phone is ultrasmooth and unlike any other smartphone. Razer has set the standards really high and has an eye-catching industrial design compared to other Android phones. Though the borders are bit too much, but behind those borders are the best speakers in the country.


8. Huawei Mate 10 Pro


Image Credits: The Verge


Huawei's Mate 10 Pro is one of the most enticing phones that the Chinese have brought to the market and features a nice, generic, waterproof, large with a stand-alone battery, dual-lens camera all in a super sleek body design!


Running on Kirin 970 processor which comes with a neural-network processing unit that helps the phone to adapt and respond to the usage. By the way, the device's power consumption to offer both the best performance and efficiency.


7. Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Image Credits: TechCrunch


One of the most celebrated phones this year, has a chic design, ultra thin borders, great camera, dual-lens camera system is why this camera has been a personal favorite of most people!


6. OnePlus 6


Image Credits: Android Authority


Competing with big league phones of Apple and Samsung in terms of design, camera, processor as well as battery, the dash charging feature is a cleansweep for all other smartphones in the genre. This phone has been recently upgraded with Oxygen OS 9.0 that itself is a stunning UI itself!


5. Google Pixel 2XL


Image Credits: SmattGeeksMedia


The Pixel 2 XL has many similar components and features that comes in a bigger package with a sparkling finish display and fresher-looking design and though not being the best Android phone, looks more sleek and refined than the predecessor.


4. Apple iPhone 8


Image Credits: YouTube


If you aren't a flashy person and prefer things that are handy as well as fast in efficiency, then neither iPhone X or iPhone XS is made for you. But certainly iPhone 8 is the phone you need to sought-after because of its refined glass-and-metal case, a outstanding camera and exceptional performance. With this iPhone, Apple took fast charging seriously and provides both wireless and fast charging - features that Android phones have only dreamt of!


Because of an exhaustive operating system that is on the broader ecosystem of Apple, you can get the latest updates straight to your phone as soon as it is released and if you feel there's something not right with you phone, then you can always end up getting a total revamp with the newest OS and design altogether.


3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Image Credits: DIgital Trends


Exactly like its other sibling, this phone is all about the best things of iPhone 8 and takes it to the other level having a better screen that is bigger and a telephoto lens ability that can take shots like any DSLRs.


2. Apple iPhone X


Image Credits: TechSpot


Ending up on the second place is the iPhone X that combines Apple iOS operating system with the app store that has the best designed phone. Having top-notch features, beautiful OLED display and also providing wireless and fast charging features.


And, ofcourse not to forget, the first phone that started the trend of notch and bezel-less design in the market this year!


  1. Wait for it….Apple iPhone XS


Image Credits: Digital Trends


The phone that has been on the mind of the people forever this year, this phone comes out to be better than XS Max in many ways. Having 5.8-inch, 2436 x 1125 resolution, HDR 10 Super Retina OLED screen, water and dust proof, AppleA12 Bionic hexa-core 7-nanometer chip, which should apparently help apps launch 30% faster. And the battery is decent too since it is a phone that has multi-functionality on its precipice.

Brian K. Robinson:


Brian is a techie and is passionate about the latest trends and developments in UI (User Interface). An Embedded Systems Engineer by profession, Brian loves to write, play football and long drives.

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