Never Experienced Snow Before? Here's What You Need to Survive

Snow can be a beautiful thing to experience. Its purity has inspired songs, photographs, and quite a few wedding proposals. However, it does have its dangers. Not only can snow make roads slick and dangerous to drive on but it can also damage your house. Since snow accompanies frigid temperatures, the cold is a whole different factor that you have to consider. For those who have never experienced snow before, you're in need of a few basic survival lessons. This article will inform you of just what you need in order to survive a snowy winter.


1. The Right Car

While you may think that a car is just a car, this isn't the case during snowy winters. What you're driving may determine whether you end up in a ditch or stay on the road. Essentially, what you're looking for to survive snowy roads is something that comes with great handling. A car like the 2019 Honda CRV, for example, has 4-wheel drive and driver's assistance. This can make knowing when there's a car lurking nearby but you can't see them because of a blizzard especially helpful. The 4-wheel drive also assists with your driving on the slippery roads. Finally, you'll want just a bit of storage in your car so you can pack snowstorm essentials in case you end up on the side of the road and need assistance. You should have flares, a few blankets, some water, a few snacks, and some means of ensuring that you can communicate with someone.


2. Hand Warmers

Owning warmer clothes is likely a no-brainer for snow. However, you might also want to consider buying a few hand warmers, too. You can wait for your own body to heat up your clothes and mittens, but why should you? Too often, you might risk developing hypothermia. Don't freeze to death. Instead, buy a few hand warmers and fill the inside of your gloves and boots. It can be easy not to realize that your toes are freezing until you can no longer feel your feet and legs.


3. Snowblower

You're never going to get outside of your house unless you have a snowblower. You can certainly opt to buy a snow shovel, too. After all, plowing your driveway by hand is a good way to stay fit in the winter. However, it can take a lot of time. A snowblower is a great way to quickly remove snow from your driveway. You can get out in a few minutes and be on your way to work. It also limits the amount of time that you're exposed to the harsh weather conditions.


4. Snow Toys

Just because you're living in a place that sees snow doesn't mean it's all cold and boring. A lot of fun can be had in the snow, too. Invest in a good snowboard or skis or even a tube and hit the slopes. For those who really want to have a good time, you might want to consider buying a snowmobile. Not only can this make traveling through the snow a lot easier but you can also tow people on tubes behind it. Don't be too afraid of the snow. You can have lots of fun, too!

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