Long Grain Broken Rice

Conventional long grain rice is approximately three times longer than normal types of rice currently consumed which means they are the fluffiest when cooked in optimal conditions. Furthermore, because the organic long grain broken rice provides for a better value for money, their increased demand has meant that their supply is higher making them one of the cheapest if not the cheapest types of rice currently available in the market. Their nature can be attributed to the large amounts of amylose and minimal amounts of amylopectin which makes the rice grain blossom when cooked properly whilst enabling it to maintain its shape and not break.

Pakistan’s agricultural economy and its major contributors

Leading suppliers of organic rice, dried fruits and seeds, established themselves as market players who revolutionized the industry by providing best quality products via state of the art marketing methods. To ensure that the product introduced in the market is of the highest quality, the companies work closely with farmers, growers and the government, constantly giving them feedback of the changing market trends so they are not left behind and remain relevant in this continuous cycle of demand and supply.  

A measure of quality

In this pursuit of quality oriented and customer satisfaction based business, the first IFS, Fairtrade, and Sedex certified manufacturing plant in Pakistan was set up as per government standards and regulations to compete with the rest of the world. This manufacturing plant is the first of its kind to integrate ecofriendly operations and processes to decrease pollution drastically paving a way for a greener and sustainable future. This new regulations and safety standards also enable the manufacturers to provide the best variety of organic products such as the organic long grain broken rice at affordable prices without compromising on quality whatsoever.

Contents for a healthy diet

Agricultural products due to being exposed to harmful and artificial compounds that act as catalysts of growth are often vulnerable to their side effects that in turn transition into the consumer’s metabolism causing harmful side effects. Keeping these adverse conditioning agents in mind, AKC commodities stresses on production and consumption of low arsenic rice grain that is almost devoid of any such harmful agent or catalyst.

How high arsenic content affects us

The adverse effects of high arsenic intake can be understood by the fact that FDA; Food Drug Administration had to intervene to ban all foods for adolescents to avoid any unforeseen outbreak that could be hard to contain. Seeing these factors, the government in partnership with manufacturers set out to revolutionize the low arsenic rice grain so that certain harmful effects could be prevented. Effects such as neurological impairment in all age groups at different points after consumption is prevalent combined with symptoms of hypertension and in some cases even heart attacks.

Initiatives to help producers to boost the sector

For the reasons that have been discussed previously and assist the organic sesame seed producers they can contribute to the economy in a more positive way, United States Department of Agriculture has pledged 1 million dollars in investment and attained the services of professionals of the field with significant experience in battling pests in agricultural products to make them more profitable for both the farmers and the consumers in a bid to make the quality and quantity of organic seeds more attainable. This investment will also set up a center of research and excellence where methods and strategies to improve quality assurance among other things can be assessed to.

Businesses soon realized that the local markets were anxiously waiting for someone who would innovate by bringing organic produce at affordable rates at the market’s disposal. Whilst addressing this niche that had existed for quite some time, the companies would increase its turnover and gross profit margins dramatically by strategically placing its products where they would gather the most consumer attention. To make this possible, AKC commodities limited works in conjunctions with its affiliate suppliers and producers to constantly improve their product so it remains relevant and up to date. This would help propel the industry in the right direction with a major inevitable influx of opportunities of growth expected.


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