Benefits of Choosing the Top International School in Mumbai
Benefits of Choosing the Top International School in Mumbai

India is a rapidly changing country in which education is of utmost importance. Today it holds an essential place in the education sector globally. The industry has evolved itself over the past few years. Major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are coming up with a top international school that aims to provide quality education and learning for students.

It is an understood fact that education plays a pivotal role in shaping a child's future. India has a wide array of educational boards. Few of them are IB, CBSE, and ICSE etc. out of the many options International Baccalaureate is the most excellent educational board in India. Over the last few years, IB has gained a lot of importance in India. International Baccalaureate is considered as the fastest growing educational program in the world.

The changing time demand perfection and an all-rounder student. Because of this increasing competition selecting a school for your child has become a difficult task. As a parent, you want the best for your child because of which you consider many options.

Over the last few years because of the growing popularity, International Baccalaureate has become the top choice of parents for their children. The curriculum of an IB international schools has been proven to be a transformational stage for students. It has guided many students and helped them to get admission in prestigious colleges and universities. However, there are many top international schools in Mumbai, one of the best IB school in Mumbai is Mount Litera School International. The school aims to provide the best teaching and learning to students and help students achieve their highest academic standards. It provides exposure to the student that they need in today's competitive world and helps them to excel in all the fields.

Here is why choosing an international school in Mumbai would be beneficial for your child:


One of the benefits from a top international school in Mumbai is the recognition that comes with it. Universities globally recognize IB programs. Its programs are designed in such a manner that it trains your child with a curriculum that prepares them for international universities. The IBDP is considered as one of the most exciting courses that focus on personal, professional and academic development. International IB schools like MLSI provides an excellent environment for your child to learn and grow and ensures they are in safe hands.


A curriculum of an international school is well-planned. To ensure that your child grows effectively, the school designs a challenging curriculum which is child-centric. Top IB schools in Mumbai like MLSI offer Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Year Programme(MYP) and Diploma Programme(IBDP). Each program has a curriculum that helps your child to be the owner of the whole learning procedure. They aim to help your child develop their thinking and understanding process. And help your child to become multilingual and learn a second culture in terms to become a better citizen.

Co-curriculum program

MLSI ensure that your child does not get under the burden of books they make learning easy. They maintain a proper balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. With the help of different co-curricular activities, MLSI also emphasizes on the importance of creative and vocational subjects and helps your child in developing their talent. Apart from this they also emphasize on indoor and outdoor games like carom, chess, football, basketball, hockey, etc.

Mentioned are just some of the benefits of choosing an IB school in Mumbai. If you are looking for a school that helps your child to grow holistically then top international school in Mumbai like MLSI is the best fit for your child's education.

For more information on Mount Litera School International, Mumbai visit their website.


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