How to reach Maldives from Delhi
How to reach Maldives from Delhi

Maldives is one of the most beautiful island destinations in South Asia as well as the entire world. The whole nation of Maldives is made up of 26 chain of islands or atolls made up of corals and, that ring – shaped atoll is composed of more than 1,000 coral islands. Wow! It truly is a holiday destination fit for relaxing and enjoying on the 3A’s of tourism; sea, sand and sun. To be honest all of us know a great deal about Maldives, it’s capital is Male, total population in the year 2017 was 436,330 and most of all its natural beauty just does not leave the heart. It’s that beautiful, the residents of Maldives are one lucky country folks.

But no worry we can visit that place and leave our foot prints on the white sand beaches of the island nation. Okay, we have a deal we will visit this beautiful tourist destination and capture it in our memories, in the form of photographs and in our hearts. But does anyone know the way to get there? That is the main concern in this article, we know where Maldives is, we know it is beautiful and can be compared to paradise but, what are the means to get there and what means would suit the readers best? Is it Delhi to Maldives flight or is there some other means?

Means to get to the island destination

Well, enough of the writers question games, is the writer involved in some sort of investigation department? Kind of but, the above questions are important in order to choose the correct means to reach Maldives. Which ever way the reader looks at it the best means to reach Maldives via Delhi is on a flight.

The distance between Indian capital and its southern neighbor is 2800 km’s to be precise and 7 hours is the time it takes to travel between the two destinations. Now that’s a long flight one can travel at the expense of the lowest flight prices for this particular route being valued from 10,000 INR. If readers think it would be wise to get the best deal the try booking airlines ticket a month ahead just to be sure.

Online booking is on the trend these days with constant ads featuring Bollywood superstars. It can be mostly seen on television channels but online sites too feature these ads. Try booking flight online that also offers ready – made and tailored tour packages to customers. It will see that consumer visits all the major attractions and is free from last minute hassle.

There are basically 4 ways to get to Maldives:

  1. By some flight (direct or transited),
  2. By road,
  3. By train and,
  4. By boat.

By flight:

Out of the four it is the most convenient, takes shorter time period and is preferred by most. All the landings via Indira Gandhi International Airport is enabled by the main airport of Maldives Ibrahim Nasir Airport. The flights that land here are Air India, Aeroflot, Jet Airways, Spice Jet and Bangkok Airways to name a few major airlines.

There are numerous numbers of flights that fly across these two destinations every day so, catching a flight is not a big issue. There are flights that fly all day long.

by Road:

it is not possible to reach Maldives via Delhi. Even though it is a romantic destination for honeymooners who choose Maldives honeymoon packages all inclusive one cannot reach this destination by road.

Once honeymooners or travelers reach the area of the island nation then they can travel but it is impossible to cross the ocean via road.

by train:

This one is a no as well. The issue is the as no railway connecting the two countries has been established. How to reach Maldives from Ahmedabad? There are other ways but rail way is certainly not one.

by boat:

Maldives is made up of island so, it is obvious that it’s main means of transportation is water transportation. Without transportation tourists cannot travel to enjoy and experience the country. Boats, ferries and ships operate in the waters of this nation and tourists can search in the internet for cruises that take people from India to Maldives. However, in the case of direct flight between Delhi to Maldives that too is not possible.

After all the discussion it is clear that there are two ways to reach the sandy beaches where one can relax in luxury for days, lying in the beach and sipping coconut juice, taking dips in the crystal clean waters of the shallow beach and be in contact with amazing scenery via…

  1. Direct or indirect flight,
  2. By cruise.

Any travel agency or online travel company will provide the tickets to visit this destination.

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