Fantasy Cricket Game is a very interesting and exciting concept which is the most important discussion of the gamers these days. So what is a fantasy cricket game? It is an online game where you can create a virtual team of real cricket players of your own choice and you score points on the basis of the performance of those players in real life cricket matches. Then you have to do effective brainstorming and plan a strategy that will help you to win the match. The best part is that you can earn a real cash reward.


Here are a few steps of how you can play your favorite sports:


The first step Select a Match you want to play

     You can select any upcoming matches there is a wide range of matches you can choose from there are international and domestic matches you can choose from.

Select League or Select a Contest.

You can select contest of your own choice you can enter multiple contests or can enter the single contest multiple times with different teams.

Create your own Team.

After selecting contest you can your own team of 11 player

Batsman 1 player

Bowler 1 player

Wicketkeeper 1 player

All-rounder 1 player

Star player 1 player (select your favorite player from any category)

X player 1 player you can select from any category.

Super 5 select your best 5 players from any category (except wicketkeeper)

Pay and enter the Contest to play your favorite sport.

The free contest is also available where you can play a trial match.

Play match and win daily cash back, rewards, bonus, and various offers.


Some other important tips and tricks to win the match:



In a fantasy cricket game, the most important step is research. Before selecting 11 players in your team you need to keep in mind various things. Read accurate statistics about the player’s performance from reputed websites to judge carefully his/her performance.

Each and every minute detail about the players should be taken into consideration such as its strength, weakness, how many matches it has played its performance, etc.



If you are a cricket fan, then you definitely have certain favorites that you want in your team. However, if you want to win it all. Then you must control all your cricketing emotions and think logically.

The team selection should be based on strategies and skill of the cricket game. Make sure that you choose the 11 players very carefully avoiding any kind of all bias decision.


Statically data and information are important but one should trust on its intuition because at the end of the day you need to plan and strategies well many times trusting your intuition can lead you to win a match.




Players are very important for the team thus it is very important to invest time to know

The current changes and update to avoid unforeseen that can occur in future thus it

Increases chances to win the match.

The best platform to play your favorite fantasy cricket game is Proxy Khel  

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you to win the match.


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