The Couples Holidays that You Should Go On!

There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than a couple who fall and stay in love. It does not matter if you are just starting or have been together for a long time. Treats, trips and holidays will always spice up your love. It does not matter if your travel bucket list has destinations abroad, staycations or both. Here is our top list of the couple’s holidays that you should go on;

A road trip to Paro

Paro has a breathtaking that you should consider adding to your bucket list. This breathtaking valley is characterised by ancient Buddhist and Bhutanese architecture and snow clad mountains that make up the perfect romantic escape topped with the most scenic view of nature.  Paro is a favourite couple’s holiday destination because of the environment. There are incredible cuisines to enjoy and a wide range of places to visit. This valley will make your time in Greece unforgettable.

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A hike in Switzerland

Save up to 72% off on your airport car parking, airport transfers, cheap car hire and airport hotel deals getting to Switzerland with Parking at Airports. The country boasts of some of the most breathtaking hiking destinations with beautiful sceneries. There is quite a lot to explore when it comes to hiking destinations. Some of the premier hiking destinations to consider include; the Lavaux Vineyards, Creux du van, among others.

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A holiday on an island

Shut the world out of your affairs and treat yourselves to an exotic holiday on an island. The world over has incredible offers on services and accommodation for couples. You can choose to experience the incredible North island of Seychelles in Africa, the Mandarin Oriental Sanya, Hainan of  China, or the Reef in Jamaica. These islands have excellent services and accommodation designed to give you the small heaven that the two of you deserve. You will enjoy the exclusive cuisines, a dip in the waters as well as the breathtaking, cosy and relaxing environment.

A cruise to Disneyland

It does not matter where you are in Europe. Simply book your cruise to France and make your way to Disneyland. Despite the population of tourists around, you can go for a hotel or accommodation option that has the two of you set apart from the rest of the world. There is so much to do and enjoy Disneyland. Go out at night, dance, watch movies, travel through the city, buy souvenirs, go shopping and make memories for yourselves. There is no limit as to how enjoyable Disneyland can get.

Cruise Ship on Sea


A weekend getaway to the Greek Islands

What is an ideal environment for you as a couple? If you love nature and what life has to offer, the Greek Islands are the perfect destination for you. These islands have an exquisite environment that is simply inviting. The beautiful towns and villages found in the ancient steep ruins give you the perfect view. The waters in this area will let you indulge in the most romantic and relaxing ways.


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