Wonderful winter wedding

The first important question that newlyweds have to ask themselves after they have made an important and responsible decision to get married is when is your wedding.

The summer season is the summer season, the warm period of the year, and many couples by default do not consider the day in the cold months as a wedding date. In our opinion, to neglect the winter, even without imagining the magical image of the celebration in the sparkling snow and its snow-white splendor, is completely wrong. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the benefits of a wedding in winter.

If your wedding is in winter and you are planning to paint at the registry office, you will never know what the queue for the application is, and you will not hear “sorry, but there are no more places on the requested date”. You will be free to choose any, even a day off, any time that suits you most - believe me, this is a promising start. After all, couples planning a wedding in the summer, especially on weekends, are forced to stand in long queues and submit an application six months before the date of the celebration, as soon as the record opens to get married on the desired day.

Winter is a calmer time for all wedding professionals. Photographers and videographers have already distributed orders from the last summer season and only enter into contracts for a new wedding season, which means that, most likely, the time of availability of photos and videos from your wedding will be much less long! You do not have to languish in anticipation of four, and sometimes six months, to immerse yourself in the memories of your day.

Since most weddings are still held in summer, when everything is green and blooming around, winter is a kind of store of unrealized ideas. Ask any bridal specialist if he would like to work at a winter wedding and you will see his eyes light up! This is especially true for decorators who are always happy to create and create new things, and when, if not in winter, this can be done for sure, not repeating, but generating ideas and realizing your dreams! It's no secret that the white color is a wedding classic. Imagine how much of the finished decoration of snow and ice will be around you on your wedding day, and you will only have to place accents.

Moreover, if in the summer everything is already bright and juicy, and you need to try to make the decor appropriate and organic in color and saturation, so as not to overdo it, in winter this problem is not worth it in the decor or in wedding dresses. This may be especially relevant for those brides who, in the color of a wedding dress, would like to retreat from the classics. Also, the winter, like no other season, is decorated with the light and heat of candles and lanterns: they can be hung on the street, or you can decorate the tables in the restaurant. Moreover, in winter, the decor is much easier to get away from floristics, limiting itself to the bridal bouquet and a small amount of flowers on the podium and guest tables. With this solution, you can reduce the cost of decor.

From here you can go to the next advantage of a winter wedding - saving. A “low” wedding season entails more lucrative offers on all the necessary items; many contractors offer discounts or lower prices on their services. Thus, you can afford more by the same amount in winter than you would decide to celebrate a wedding in the summer, or even reduce the budget for the celebration, and spend more on your honeymoon trip.

A winter wedding is a rich choice and variety, even in menu matters. Hot dishes are becoming more relevant than ever and you cannot worry about how many drinks you need to order to quench the thirst of guests on a hot summer day. You can experiment with a buffet, welcome snacks can have non-standard serving and be warming - a great solution instead of canapés, which is difficult to surprise anyone.

Instead of champagne to meet guests, you can serve hot drinks: it can be a bar with mulled wine, and maybe interesting teas, or cocoa for younger guests.

Thus, you will also warm your guests, it will be especially relevant if you are planning an exit ceremony on the street. Despite the low temperature, we do not recommend you to give up this idea if you dream about it, but doubt it for this reason. Firstly, there are a large number of options for warming your guests from the inside, as we described above, as well as outside - for example, handing out guest’s warm blankets (which can also be presents from everyone you invite) or installing heating equipment at the ceremony. Secondly, the ceremony takes very little time, and if it is really too cold outside, congratulations from guests and a photo session, which usually ends the ceremony, can be moved inside the restaurant, or continue later.

Winter and frost are not a hindrance for a newly-wed photo session either, if the time is properly distributed and the locations for shooting are chosen in advance. And if you think over the image and add beautiful valenoks or warm shawls to the dressing, and for the groom, mittens and a scarf, then spending 15 minutes outside, especially on the move, will not be any inconvenience to you. After all, then you will return to a warm car, where hot tea in a thermos will be waiting for you, and continue on your way.

We hope we were able to show you all the advantages of winter weddings and to show that there are no disadvantages, if you worry about them in advance, such a wedding doesn’t have, especially when contacting a wedding agency for help in organizing a wedding. And you certainly should not give up the wedding in the winter, if you always wanted to, or if you just do not want to wait for the summer After all, in the winter you are guaranteed a wonderful fairy tale, a unique picture and a sea of ​​wonderful memories!

Let’s create a beautiful wedding of your dreams together Best wedding planners in Chennai – Devaraj Ramasubramanian

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