6 On-Page Tips To Get Top Rankings
 6 On-Page Tips To Get Top Rankings
On-Page optimization is the most important process not only to improve the rankings in search engine result pages but also to keep your users happy. On page optimization is equally important as off page optimization. Make sure that you do accurate on page for your website to get top ranking in search engines. Following are the six tips which every webmaster should follow to achieve good rankings:

1. Consider HTTP vs HTTPS:  HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. In order to keep the world wide web secure Google has began emphasizing the importance of utilizing HTTPS. HTTPS ensure that your website is encrypted. Now make sure your website is encrypted with HTTPS.

2. Implementation of LSI content: If you are targeting a specific key phrase, make it sure that you web page that is targeting the key phrase contains all important contextual terms to back it up. You can use various tools like google suggestion, keyword tools to identify which terms you are required.

3. URL Structure: URL structure is important factor of on page optimization. I would like to divide it into four parts:
  • Permanent links: Permalinks are called url's of your website. It is important that structure of url is good. Always use hyphen in words. For example : - It is a Google friendly

        URL!#@65 - It is a bad URL
  • Use Of Breadcrumb: Never forget to apply breadcrumb to every page so that users can visit can your website in structured way.
  • Categories: Make it sure that you give proper categories to your pages so that search engines and users do not find any difficulty to get information for what they are looking for.
  • Submit Site Map: Site Map is a collection of all of you web pages on a website. Submit your site map to google webmaster tools.

4. Use Alt Text For Image Optimization: Always give alt text to your images so that google can read what that image is all about.

5. Optimization Of Keywords in Title Tag: Proper usage of keywords in title tag is very important. We all know that length of title tag is 65 characters. So, to make sure that you place your keyword in left side of your title.

6. Internal Linking: Try to internal link you own posts. The reason behind it will help to decrease the bounce rate and improve the rankings.
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