5 awesome Indian handicraft items that you are sure to adore
5 awesome Indian handicraft items that you are sure to adore

Decorating your house is a unique challenge in its own respect. With changing trends, it is hard to find a piece of carpet or furniture that is within your budget and also makes your home look classy, stylish, and is easy to find too.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to use a little bit of traditional touch in your home to give it a classy look. And for that, you can use the Indian handicraft pieces. These handmade items consist of a lot of things like textiles, carpets, art, sculptures, and so on.

They are crafted by artisans and skilled workers giving full attention to details. They take hours to design a single piece ensuring that no two-piece look or feel the same. That is why including a piece of Indian handicraft items will certainly make your home décor more elegant and sophisticated.

In this blog, we will talk about seven Indian handicraft items that are awesome and will make your home look classy.

Let’s begin..


Inlay table Top

These Inlay table tops are amazing pieces made out of marble. These are made using fine prints of Taj Mahal design, floral, or glass design. The default size is 15 x15 inch, but you can get in other sizes too.

Also, you can get these designs in various different colors which is ideal for decorating your home or gifting to someone.



Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina is a fine wool type whose textiles are woven in Kashmir initially. The product used in these shawls is fine cashmere wool which is hand processed in the valleys of Kashmir. Here a team of dedicated craftsmen and women create every thread of the shawls with their own hands. The steps involved in this process are combing, spinning, weaving, and finishing, and so on.A single pashmina shawl takes around 180 hours. The shawls are available in various vibrant colors with attractive embroidery and are soft to keep the owner warm.

Khadi, silk and woolen Shawls

These shawls are other products by Jaipur Handicraft store. They handcraft various shawls in woolen, silk and khadi cloth and are available in different colors, design and sizes.


Woodwork (furniture and other wooden items)

In India, there are a lot of cities and region that specializes in different kinds of wooden work. Like Punjab is known for its exuberant wooden furniture while Kashmir is popular for all the artistic items made out of a walnut tree.

The Chattisgarh region is famous for wooden crafts like doors, window frames, masks, and sculptures, and so on. Similarly, Jharkhand is well-known for its wooden toys which always come in a pair.

The southern regions of India too use wood for creating unique and antique pieces out of sandalwood and rosewood. Andhra Pradesh a southern state, makes beautiful wooden cutlery, paper knives, and much more in different shapes, sizes, and color.

Karnataka is known for its splendid elephant’s figurines and furniture which uses rosewood as the base.

These wood-carved articles give your home an artistic look that you and your guest would love.



Carpet weaving is one of the best Indian handicraft products to adorn your houses with. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of workers weaving carpets with their hands. They make beautiful carpets that have the image of Taj Mahal or other monuments or designs on them.

Jammu & Kashmir is also famous for its silk carpets that look and feel elegant and classy.

You can find a lot of various carpets on Jaipur Handicraft store. It has a collection of carpets which are made out of wool, silk, and cotton. You can customize them according to the size, color, and design you want.



Phulkari means floral work and defines shawls and headscarves. It is a complex design that uses horizontal, vertical, and diagonal stitches. These Phulkaris are vibrant, beautiful, and colorful.

Various modern designers are including these phulkari designs into their work, and now it is used for developing table-mats, cushion covers, shoes, slippers, and so on.

These were just some Indian handicraft items that will give your home décor a traditional touch.

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