Top Reasons to Choose Go Programming Language
Top Reasons to Choose Go Programming Language

All Programming Languages have their pros and cons. It would be really difficult to choose any one Programming language which is better among all of them but Golang give a good competition to all the other programming language. Golang is the perfect choice for the developers and for companies who are looking for Scalable, Concurrent and safe programming language for their application development.

There are many companies providing services using Golang.








The things Developer likes about Golang are:

  • Open source:

                        It is utmost important for any programming language to be an open-source to become better, widely used, cleaner and much more efficient. Being open source, it allows Golang developer to identify the defects, if any in the program and correct the Go code.

  • Golang is fast:

                      Go provides faster compilation and execution speed. Go code gets directly compiled to machine code, depending upon the Operating System (Linux/Windows/Mac) and the CPU instruction set architecture (x86, x86–64, arm etc) of the machine the code is being compiled upon. So, it runs really fast, provides quick feedback and saves time and money.

                Go has a simple structure and syntax to follow for programming. The language is based on functions, so it is simple understand and fast to learn. It’s simple, so it is more maintainable, and development is faster and cheaper.

  • Concurrency :

                     Concurrency is about dealing with multiple processes simultaneously and effectively. With recent technology advancement, concurrency becoming the most important factor while choosing the latest language for any program development. Go programming provides some great concurrency primitives and makes it extremely easy to implement a concurrent system. This becomes the foremost factor we consider while choosing Golang over other languages for creating any program.

Go supports concurrency at the language level. The fundamental unit for this in Go is a Go routine. Go routines are cheap, lightweight and take less memory than usual threads of execution.

  • Garbage Collection:

                      Garbage collector helps to improve the performance of the program by providing an automated way of managing and utilizing the memory effectively. With Go, inbuilt garbage collector helps to make concurrency more efficient.

  • Golang is cross-platform:

                      It is widely used and for different platforms which includes Linux, Windows, and UNIX and mobile devices. In addition, it compiles well on many operating systems. This allows Go developed applications to be portable and result in improved efficiency.

  • Golang keeps the bugs away:

                     Go being compiled language; developers have to be more attentive and accurate while developing the program/writing the Go code. This helps to keep the bugs away and make code neat, clean and safe. 

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