What is the Best Alternative of Natural Stone Benchtops?

When it comes to installing a kitchen benchtop, a natural stone slab seems a costly option. Home improvement market offers pricey stone benchtops along with high maintenance and installation costs. Looking at these downsides of natural stone slabs, the interior market has introduced various other alternatives. If you want to replace your kitchen benchtop in the budget, these alternatives could be an ideal solution. Now the question is which one is the best. Let's find out!


It is one of the most widely used slab materials because of its affordability and variety. You can buy a laminate slab which is a replica of granite at an affordable price. Moreover, the installation of a laminate slab doesn't cost you as much as a stone benchtop can.  You are saving on the purchase of the slab and its installation. It means you are getting dual benefits.

But, the laminate has some downsides. It is not so durable option. It needs care from heat and moisture because it is material of laminate is a composition of fiber boards and resin. The upper layer is smooth and resistant to water. But with times, the layer scraps off. Heat can easily burn the surface. It is not so resistant to scratching. The edges can delaminate.


There is a huge demand for steel benchtops in the commercial sector. Hotels and restaurants install steel benchtops because they are easy to install and needs less maintenance. Cleaning of steel benchtops is easy. Since commercial kitchens are busy, steel benchtops don't need much protection from spills and heat. They are designed to withstand busy kitchen mishaps.

The downsides of these benchtops are that they are are not so attractive and not an ideal solution to home kitchens. If your plan is to uplift your kitchen appearance, steel benchtops are not something you are looking for. 


Concrete countertops are less expensive than marble countertops. But they are pricey than tiles, synthetic solids, and laminate slabs. These slabs offer complete customizable solutions like laminate. They are handcrafted for modern kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor entertaining areas. They are a perfect mixture of functionality and beauty. These benchtops are available in different shapes, colours, and styles to meet traditional, contemporary and rustic styles.

Downsides of these benchtops are that they are comparatively expensive than laminate and other man-made slabs. You have to pay more if your requirement is for L-Shap and U-Shape countertops.

Engineered Stone

Among all types of benchtops, engineered stone benchtops are the best alternative of natural stone benchtops. They are as durable as natural stone. You can able to get the kitchen slab matching to your interior. They are scratch resistant and don't soak moisture because of non-porous quality. Users can get peace of mind for at least 20 years because these slabs don't need maintenance. They are easy to clean. Installation charges of the stone slab are not as much as a granite stone has because they are available in various sizes and shapes. No special cutting and shredding is required. Availability in different shapes saves a lot during installation. During the manufacturing process, the quality of the stone is fully controlled by users. So, it is a durable option to use. You can buy an engineered stone which is a replica of marble or granite. Users get quality and durability assurance.

Downsides of engineered stone benchtops are lesser than laminate and concrete. They can withstand heat to a certain limit. You will have to protect the surface from overheat. Don't use a sharp knife to scrape off. It may cause a scratch. Overall, engineered stone benchtops can come up as the best alternative to natural stone slabs. You can buy the product online to save more. 

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