How to Start a Blog to Earn Money
How to Start a Blog to Earn Money

One of the hottest money making trends of 2019 is blogging and earning money through it. There is no doubt that many people are finding ways to earn money without the inconvenience of leaving their homes. The problem is, they don’t know how to go about it.

Whether you want to start a freelance business or simply possess a strong passion for writing, there is nothing like challenging yourself through starting your own blog.

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To make it easier for beginners, below we have mentioned the many ways you can now set up your blog and earn money.

1) Pick A Topic

As we know, the blogging market is highly saturated and everyone is writing about everything. Target a topic or a specific niche and work around that content to reach your audience. By sticking to a certain topic, you will have clearly defined what category of audience you want to attract.

A good example is; cooking and baking blogs. These sort of blogs only attract an audience which is solely interested in cooking and baking. Your task would be to cater to excellent content each time to keep them coming for more.

So, your content would then include blog posts such as Best Cookbooks of 2019 or The Top 10 Kitchen Utensils You Need in Your Kitchen - You get the gist.


2) Pick A Platform

Now that you have your topic of choice and audience set, you want to move ahead with choosing your platform. Although WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers, don’t shy away with using other mediums. This includes Tumblr, or Medium. All are exceptional platforms for bloggers to let their creative juices flowing.

To establish a platform, we highly recommend setting up a self-hosted plan. This would encourage you to use more subdomains on your platform for your creative content writing efforts. One of the best website hosting platforms for beginners is Bluehost – it’s incredibly simple to start a blog and if things don’t turn out as planned, there is money back guarantee.


3) Choose Your Domain Name

After successfully picking a platform, it’s time to choose a catchy domain name. To keep it easy and simple, choose a domain name that best describes your area of content. For example, if you are blogging about the topic of baking, a relevant domain name would provide a glimpse of your content to your readers.

When selecting a domain name, you want to adhere to the following key points:

  • Use TLD ( top-level domain) such as .com or .net
  • You don’t want to have a very lengthy domain name so keep it short and sweet. Your domain name should not be more than 15 characters.
  • Avoid using hyphened domain names as they tend to be associated with spammers.
  • Try to stay away from self-hosted subdomains for the purpose of categorizing or ranking posts


4) Use CDNs

There is nothing more irritating than a slowed down delivery of your webpage. To prevent this from happening, invest in CDNs (Caching and Content Delivery Networks). Systems such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache will ensure the browser caching is turned on to speed up webpage delivery.

Another reason why setting up CDNs might be crucial is to prevent the global delivery of your content from slowing down. Say your page content is loading relatively fast in the United States but is having difficulty in loading back in Australia – CDNs prevent that from happening since they make global content delivery super-fast.


5) Provide Permalinks

Permalinks, also known as permanent links, are part of any WordPress blog. They are essential to use after you have set up your website. Permalinks are basically through which your readers reach you by clicking on the link you share.

Permalinks are also provided by other bloggers when they want to refer back to your blog – other bloggers sharing your permalink on their blog is what brings their audience traffic to your website. Providing permalinks is also important because it enables Google to ‘catch’ your content. This, in turn, makes your content SEO friendly and can also get your content to improve its ranking.

To set up a permalink, go to settings > permalinks of your WordPress admin page and select a suitable post name option.


6) Install Google Analytics

In order to keep track of your blogging efforts, installing google analytics will help you to navigate where your traffic is coming from. Google Analytics uses a URL campaign builder to track which channel has directed the most traffic to your blog site. This makes it easier for you to know which aspect of your blog attracted your readers the most.

You can also use the URL campaign builder to post links on your social media platforms – this will effectively pinpoint the location of your traffic.


7) Invest in Google’s Webmasters Tools

To successfully build a blog and earn money through it, the use of webmaster tool is excellent leverage to achieve exactly that. Google’s webmaster tools sift and scan through keywords that will give your page a better ranking. It also furthermore looks out for any errors that will create a barrier for your page to receive better rankings.


8) Learn The Art of SEO

To receive better rankings on search engines such as Google, it is crucial to equip yourself with the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization). Understanding the basic foundation of SEO will play a key role in improving your ability to reach the top ranks of Google search results. This will help you gain more traffic to your page and popularize your content.

Just like anything else in life, it is always a great idea to expand your knowledge and set of skills. These skills when implemented, can really do wonders for helping you earn money through blogging.


9) Delivering Useful Content Always

If you wish for a successful career in blogging, you want to always deliver outstanding content for your readers. You want to make your content lively and engaging as possible. It should be insightful but not boring. Your content should make your readers coming back for more.

However, you need to keep in mind not to write for search engines or ranking alone. Rather, you want to deliver to your target audience and obtain search engine optimization simultaneously. One way to know what to deliver is to open the floor for feedback and suggestions from your readers. You want to show them their ideas and requests are appreciated and will be taken into action in the future.

Know that without doing the above, you will lose your readership regardless of how impressive your content may be. In short, provide useful content according to what your readers want.

End Note

To wrap it up, blogging isn’t easy for everyone and definitely takes time to get used to. Every beneficial skill takes practice to reach perfection – so fear not, you will eventually get there. The best way to go about it is to take it easy on yourself. It is always best to take baby steps rather than crashing and burning. Slow and steady wins the race remember?

To summarize, starting a blog to earn money is not impossible - It all comes down to your determination in sticking to your goals.

Let us know how you went about setting up your blog to earn money. Which tips were useful, which weren’t? Share with us all the tips you implemented in starting your blog down below.

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