Celebrate your Mother by Traveling!
Celebrate your Mother by Traveling!

Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide although it may fall on different dates for different countries. No matter when or how we celebrate this holiday, the purpose is always the same, to remind our mothers how important they are in our lives and how grateful we are to have them.

In the beginning, our mothers have always been there to make sure every adventure went as planned from our first day of school to our first trip. Now, it is up to us to plan an adventure for mom. Our mother might not be the first travel companion that comes to mind but here are some reasons why she should be:

STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIP. While traveling with mom you will get to know a different side of her, this will spark deeper conversations and grow your friendship. You will introduce each other to activities you might have not otherwise thought of if you were not traveling together.

CHANGE YOUR RHYTHM. Be patient, do not rush, travel with your mother at her speed and enjoy the trip. We live during a time where we rush to do everything so use this vacation to forget about time and live in the moment.

CREATE MEMORIES. Take as many pictures as you can during this trip, treasure every moment, create memories and anecdotes that neither of you will forget. Material things come and go, but memories will be with us forever.

It does not matter if you take a short weekend trip with mom or a longer vacation away, just do it! Creating memories with mom will be the best gift you can give her. Look for cities you and your mom would like to discover, plan your trip in advance to find the best offers, set aside a special tour and of course, purchase your travel protection plan from AXA Assistance USA so you can help protect your mother the way she had protected you.

These are a few cities that AXA suggests you travel to with your mother…

The Mayan Riviera: a beautiful destination with white beaches and delicious food. You will find activities that are a new experience for both you and your mother. Try some snorkeling and visit the beautiful beaches.

New York: as the saying goes, "New York is always a good idea," and that is why the Big Apple is a necessary destination for every traveler. With its stunning buildings, culture, gastronomy and all the events and nightlife, it will surely be the best gift you could give your mom.

San Antonio: for a short weekend trip, we recommend San Antonio. This Texan city offers cultural events, modern attractions and of course shopping! What better way to celebrate your mother than by taking her shopping?

Paris: if you really want to surprise your mother, Paris is the way to go. Take her on vacation to enjoy this charming European city. Enjoy its art, fashion, gastronomy, go visit the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, Moulin Rouge and enjoy a meal by the River Seine. There, you can catch up on all of those missed conversations and strengthen your relationship.

Buenos Aires: located on the most southern part of South America, Argentina has everything from antique cafeterias, Tango, amazing gastronomy and so much culture. Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a unique destination to travel to with your mother. Buy theater tickets, find a bookstore and have a coffee.  While there, remember to go on a book tour and visit San Telmo. Spoil your mother with this beautiful city and create new memories. 

After everything our mothers have done for us, they deserve the world, so why not give it to them in the form of travel. At AXA, your family comes first! Travel safely and do not forget to get your Travel Protection Plan quote today for your trip with mom!

We AXA Assistance are the global assistance provider specializing in Automotive, Travel, Home, Health and Life Care Services. We look after here customers and help protect them by providing best-in-class solutions beyond immediate situations, anywhere, anytime.
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