How i Treated My Fatty Liver Disease in Ayurveda - Real Story


In fact, The liver is the 2nd largest organ of we humans that work in multiple ways to keep us healthy and thus making it our duty to keep it in a healthy style. A few years ago my pet singer, George Michael passed away in March 2017, I just love his songs like “careless whisper, Father figure etc.” The British doctors said he died of heart disease and fatty liver.

In fact, The liver is the 2nd largest organ of we humans that work in multiple ways to keep us healthy and thus making it our duty to keep it in a healthy style

Fatty Liver Symptoms to Watch Out For

  • When too much fat gets accumulated in the liver, causing hiccups in its proper functioning, fatty liver is inevitable. There are 2 types of fatty liver, the  is because of excessive intake of alcohol and 2nd is non-alcoholic one.
  • I used to drink alcohol since when I had just turned 19, initially I just used to have beer and that too very occasionally, but after a few years me and my boy friend used to go on dates, in the countryside area and were accompanied by a number of other pairs, he used to get me drunk and all of us used to dance a lot on a powerful CD player that was installed in his Land Rover.
  • It was party almost at every weekend , his dad owned a farm house, away from the city. I am not going to reveal where? Even the doctor's advice altering your diet and the liver repairs itself, even after scarring itself harshly.
  • My story began when I felt my gut area extending itself, I never have tried eating junk food in excess and thought I used to exercise regularly. Why my waistline was expanding, even I didn't know and I could not like my figure when I began looking like a fat lady in the mirror of my dressing table.
  • I used to feel nausea, like on the brink of vomiting and had lost appetite to eat anything, but my gut kept in a bloated position. I got a test done in a lab, called liver function test. I had studied all these symptoms on the net and thus got it tested and as suspected, my liver was scarred and the modern medical doctors didn't have a remedy that could cure me. The report in fact was true, I had a fatty liver.

The many faces of fatty liver disease

  • What are you eating in school, the junk food or what, look at you, why are you enhancing all the cellulite on your body, you are still young to become a fat lady, what's wrong,” my mother inquired. I showed her the lab report and she was aghast after seeing it.
  • “How did that happen, come on you used to play lawn tennis in school, what went wrong all of a sudden?” she wanted to know. I began sobbing and cried my heart out by telling what we used to do on every weekend. “you will get addicted to alcohol only or are you having any drugs or anything like that, just tell me the truth, darling” she insisted, rather calmly.
  • Occasionally, mom I used to smoke a plain cigarette, but only 5 or 6 times, not had one in the last month, I have lost my appetite too,” I apologized. She never lost her temper, but made me get dressed properly and before going to the hospital had fixed an appointment with Dr. Wills.

Looking for an Alternative or Traditional Treatments

  • I knew where his clinic was and we both reached there on time. “Hello, Mrs. Smith, what can I do for you?” he asked professionally. My mom pointed the index finger at me and said, “she has a fatty liver, any remedy for that?” she sort of inquired. “Hmmm.......” the doctor murmured and said, “Have you got it tested? Can I see the report?” My mom handed him the report, after studying it for some time, turned towards me, “come on let's check your body in the examining room, you better wait here Mrs. Smith
  • ” I followed him and lied down on the examination table. He pressed my abdomen area and I felt the pain the moment he pressed, but it wasn't severe, so I did not cry, but groaned a little bit. He asked me how much did it pain and I told him that it was mild one. He asked me to narrate my personal history, assuring me not anybody hearing it. I told him in detail.
  • In fact we don't have a cure, but I will recommend change in your intake and prescribe a tonic, which will help in healing you fast, fine Miss Eve?” “Fine” said I and got up from the bed. Mom was curious to know and asked him “Is it fine Dr. Wills or needs to be replaced?”
  • “No Mrs. Smith, it's not in a serious condition, yet, but she needs to take care of her diet otherwise it can also create a hurricane in your body. I'll be prescribing a tonic that she will have to take along with the meals, meaning twice a day, is it fine Eve?” he said patting my cheeks.
  • “Fine doctor, I'll follow your prescriptions precisely, but can it get scarred later?” I asked. “Yes, if you indulge in getting addicted to any bad habits, give them up and enjoy a healthy life, I know you are a brave lady and fortune favors the brave, enjoy the life in a healthy way, get up and get going” he encouraged me a lot. My mom paid for him and took the prescription from Dr. Wills.
  • My mom took it and put it in her purse and sat calmly in the car and I took the driver's seat and asked, “Do we need to go to the market to get that tonic or you are going to order it online?” I asked. “I am going to order, but a different medicine, from a different firm” came the reply.
  • “Where mom, from where?” I was getting confused, “is it effective mom?” It is an old remedy working in a modern lab, which is the only remedy that never lets the liver run into a black hole.” she replied. “Where is it mom? Do we need to reach there?” I inquired further. “No” she replied, “It's available on line.”

Finally i Got a Cure for My Disease

By that time we had reached home and she went straight to get her laptop and sat on the sofa beside me, turning on she opened a web site Planet Ayurveda and their site opened and a cure for many diseases began appearing, she searched for fatty liver and it showed the healing process. My mom got their e-mail ID [email protected] and posted all my details on it and wrote my mobile number. “Who are these people mom?” I asked. “In fact these are the people who cured many fatty liver patients” and made me watch you tube videos where all these patients were praising the panel of doctors they had enrolled. “The last thing is they belong to India, my country.” she said. Actually my mom belonged to India, Punjab to be more precise.

My mobile rang next day and a lady politely asked, “Is that Miss Eve, you mailed us yesterday?” she asked me. “Yep ma'am,” I replied and continued, “Do you have any herbal remedy for fatty liver?” “Yes ma'am” came the reply “And thanks for informing in advance, but you need to follow our diet plans, you might feel a little odd in accepting them, but health is more important than anything else and especially health of a liver is more vital for we humans, isn't it Miss Eve?” she instructed.

The most effective treatment with lifestyle changes

  • “Sure ma'am” I spoke slowly. “ First thing first, tell me you live in south California, and we have a distributor called Mr. Jagjit Singh & Mr. Gurdeep Singh Sandhu at Fresno California, order a Liver Care Pack, all it's prescriptions are written on it and begin having plenty of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, low-fat or non-fat dairy products, whole grains such as oats, brown rice, barley, quinoa, egg whites, beans,nuts, avocados, olive oil and you also need to make sure you drink plenty of fluids.
  • Water is far more better than caffeinated drinks like coffee and cola. And also avoid having alcohol and tobacco products, if you promise, I am sure we will see you in a better physical shape in the next a few months, is it fine with you?” “Yep ma'am, I'll stick to your prescriptions only” I said. “Fine, get well soon, bye, bye” and she switched off the phone.
  • I said and turned towards my mom and showed her the instructions by that lady that I had noted in my laptop. “You need to follow them precisely, otherwise....” she trailed off. My mom placed the order and we got the full Liver Care Pack and went to the market to get the grocery, all was organic as was asked by Planet Ayurveda people.
  • I have been following their prescriptions strictly. I've stopped going on weekend parties and got habitual to drinking green tea. I lost my weight and the gut area from 40 inches it has reduced to 32 inches and recently I got the HBsAg test done at a lab, even they were surprised to see my liver 92% OK.

I've left all the bad habits and enjoying the life in a healthy way, a little more enthusiastic way, THANKS, PLANET AYURVEDA & MOM.

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