Change In The Fax Industry With Mobile Fax Machines

Change In The Fax Industry With Mobile Fax Machines

One of the greatest transformations we all have witnessed with the technology advancing in every segment is in the fax industry. Long gone are the days when you had to rely on a tedious old fax machine or rather the traditional fax method. However, it did pose a lot of limitations when you needed to send quick fax or send them in bulk quantity. Moreover, it was also not well adept with the security measures as anyone can peep into the fax content. Hence, an exposed risk for the parties involved in the fax transmission.


On top of all the other factors resulting in not favouring the usage of a conventional fax machine, the list was topped with it being a time-consuming and costlier option. Not only you had to wait frequently for the other end to have a clear phone line so that the fax can be transmitted. This was the major factor in delaying the faxes. Also, the recurring cost was one of the pain points of fax machines such as fixed phone line cost, paper, ink toners, occasional equipment maintenance fees, etc. However, the world faced a sigh of relief with the arrival of internet fax services which allowed to quickly send and receive faxes online. Also, the ease of accessibility that surrounds the online faxing technology is at-par as compared to the old fax machine and its methodology. One can easily send a fax to clients from the gym or while taking your on-the-go coffee without having to stand in line for a fax machine.


Mobile fax machines quickly changed the scenario for the businesses and how documents were delivered so far. This allowed to instantly send new fax from mobile or computer. There is much online fax service provider who also provides free fax number along with a free trial period. Also, due to increase in hacks and identity theft especially when one is dealing with the medical records and information, faxing industry is regulated under HIPAA and GLBA guidelines and these service providers have to be compliant with respective guidelines. Besides everything, online fax offers a number of features such as you can customize your fax, make them look more professional, add your company logo and digital signature, fax image editing and optimization and many things you can do with your faxes to make your clients and customers associate with your brand. The constant development and evolving of online fax services have paved the way to receive notifications and updates in real time on your chosen mobile device or even on your smart wearables like Apple watch or Android wear. Most of these fax apps also offer to download the app from the respective app store. he old age method of a document transmission is redundant now for the above-mentioned points. It goes without saying that the traditional fax machines are not used as frequently as they were used earlier. Of course, there are lots of factors that contribute to these companies to look for an alternative. With technology advancing, faxing industry has not left far behind. The usage of the fax is on the rise, contrary to the belief. With the arrival of online fax technology, it became quite easier to send and receive faxes online.

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