Voguish Yet Practical Ensembles For Korean Teachers
Voguish Yet Practical Ensembles For Korean Teachers

“What to wear today?” despite of having a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, every morning I ask this question to myself. My wardrobe has everything, shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts – you name it, I have it; but the problem is, I get confuse on what to wear to school as a teacher. 

Teachers are required to be efficient, diligent and formal yet they have to be friendly, open and warm. Long gone are the days of stiff collars and tortoise shells perched on the nose. The teachers nowadays don’t need to dress in a way that screams “keep your eyes on your paper or else”. Therefore, it can be extremely confusing for the teachers to dress in a way that translates their professional yet friendly behavior to their students. When you are a teacher especially for the kindergarten or primary classes, there is 90% chance of ruining your dress everyday with paints, glue and glitter. The entire day is so busy that you don’t get to lay your dress before the next day; mostly it is the last minute to grab on the clothes picked up from the closet floor.

If you are a teacher and going through same trauma, then don’t worry we have got your back. I was in the same position 2 years ago when I started my job as a 5th-grade teacher in Korea, but over these past 2 years  I went on plenty of shopping sprees and flipped through a multitude of magazines to create a teacher’s capsule wardrobe and that has made life so much easier. I make use of coupons a lot so that I can get everything I want, yet within my budget. Coupons not only help me get reasonable prices, but I also avail free shipping and returns. For online purchases, I use promo codes to get discounts. So if you’re a teacher and struggling too then keep on reading!


Beige Chinos And White Button-Up Shirt

A crisp white button-up shirt is the most practical and versatile piece you can own. It can be worn over jeans, skirts, and chinos and will look absolutely fantastic, this formal shirt can take you from class to parent-teacher meeting and school trips without much effort. In this picture you can see a white shirt has been paired up with beige chinos, chinos are a great alternative to jeans and formal pants, they are casual yet they give you more put-together look.


Jeans And Sneakers

Nothing can beat this winning combo, jeans are my go-to pants and pair them with sneakers voila you are ready to conquer the world. Jeans give me plenty of options to go with, cotton shirts, blouse, sweaters, for a more formal look I layer it with blazer or jacket. Sneakers are so easy to walk in since as a teacher there is a lot of moving around and these sneakers keep my feet cozy and blister free. Whenever I know that I have long day ahead I always grab my jeans and sneakers.


Wide Leg Pants

There are days when I want to dress-up little fancy, for those days I always pick wide leg pants. They are chic yet gives formal vibes. The wide leg pants are breezy and are perfect for warm days when jeans are too hot to wear the wide leg pants can be twinned with shirts and blouses and blazers which make it is easy to either dress it down or dress it up. 


Capped Sleeves Blouse

You cannot barge in class wearing graphic tee shirts, remember even the friendliest teacher have to exude authority and your way of dressing plays an important part in it. I prefer chiffon blouse over cotton shirts, they are chic and give a more prim and proper look. It can be worn over skirts, jeans, and wide leg pants and will never fail to make you look good and representable. The plain chiffon blouses can go with a variety of color of bottoms, also they are much easier to keep than silk blouses.


Tweed Jackets

This timeless piece will never go out of style. This effortless jacket can be worn over jeans, pants, and skirts and will give the most professional vibes. Whenever I have a parent-teacher meeting planned I always wear this on top and it emits most professional and conventional vibes. You can get this tweed jacket in pastel colors and twin it with your more casual outfits to give it firmer appearance.



Solid Colored Blazers

Like tweed jackets blazers also radiates proficiency aura, you can wear it every day on top of your casual dress and make it more formal and conservative with minimal efforts, later you can take it off. The solid colored blazers are a total game changer if I have to on unplanned brunch or last-minute meeting I always put it on, on my regular dress and it transforms my entire get-up. 


Midi Skirts

This breezy flowy skirts are so comfy and are staple in my wardrobe. Whenever I am tired of wearing pants in the hot season I always switch it up with my swishy skirt. As it is midi skirt gives conservative length and make it work appropriate.  These skirts can be twinned with tee-shirts, button-up shirts, blouse, pumps and sneakers and will not raise a single eyebrow.


Knee Length Skirts

Whether I have to attend a meeting, presentation, lunch with colleagues or even when it is a class picture day knee length skirt never fails me. It is very formal and work-appropriate, although I cannot wear it every day because multiple times I have to sit cross-legged on the floor and it will be difficult to do so in this particular skirt but it is ideal outfit on the days where I have to appear more re-presentable and official than usual. 


Midi Dress

In summer and fall I opt for a dress that is light and comfy, and what more screams comfy then linen floral midi dress. This easy to wear chichi ensemble should be a part of every teacher closet. its conservative length makes it school appropriate and this floral print gives most feminine vibes that will make you less intimidating to your students and more approachable. 



As a teacher, we have to be constantly on our feet and being a primary teacher I have to jog down from the playground to the classroom every hour or so. Espadrille is not only stylish but they are easy on my feet too, they can be worn over any outfit and look fabulous. I can walk and run in them for as long as it is required without getting my feet swelled up or getting sores.


Embroidered Ballerina Flats

I think every woman own a pair of ballerina flats, these smooth moldable shoes will allow you to be on your feet all day long without any blisters. But these embroidered ballerina flats have totally amped up my everyday casual style, these cute shoes can be worn over multiple outfits and garner lot of compliments each time I wear them.


Leather Tan Boots

Leather tan boots are for the days when I am more inclined towards rock look. This boots go with all of my outfits and give them more solid look. Of course, they are stapled for winters but I can wear them in fall too and they look great nonetheless.


Round Tote Bags With Pockets

Being a teacher you have to carry loads of items with you every day and no purse can serve this purpose other than large tote bags. Although the regular tote bags are roomy and sturdy I prefer my bags with pockets, more often it has happened that bottle of my lotion or foundation has spilled in bags ruining other contents as well, also the pockets helps to compartmentalize so I don’t have to turn all my bag contents upside down when I have to look for any specific item. I cannot go without my round tote bag; I can keep gazillion items in this bag and can pick them out easily because of the pockets.



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